Flight Review: Thai Airways TG402 from Singapore to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by Boeing 777-300

TG402 is the only morning flight of Thai Airways departing from Singapore at 7.40am, arriving into Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport at 9.00am, and makes for one of the most time-effective ways to visit Bangkok from Singapore. This time, my flight was served by the higher-capacity Boeing 777-300.

With the upgrading works at the Departure Hall of Terminal 1, Thai Airways now uses Check-In Row 5 which has recently been renovated.

My boarding pass for the TG402 flight to Bangkok.

Walking to my gate.

HS-TKB ready for my flight to Bangkok.

The view of the interior from my seat.

The legroom available on the Boeing 777-300.

Taxiing to the runway in wet weather.

Crossing over to Malaysia just after taking-off from Changi Airport.

I wasn’t in the mood for the Asian Fried Rice, so I opted for the scrambled egg.

The scrambled egg here has improved leaps and bounds from the disaster on one of my previous flights.

Entering mainland Thailand over Rayong.

Approaching Suvarnabhumi Airport from the north.

Touched down at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

The upcoming Midfield Satellite Concourse slowly taking shape.

Turning into Gate C3.

Time for the 600 meter trek to immigration.

With the long walk to immigration and the little queue there, my bags were already on the carousel when I got there.

Overall, being spoiled by the bulkhead seats on my previous TG402 flights here and here, the regular Economy Class seat on the Boeing 777-300 did feel a little crammed with my carry-on bag stashed under the seat in front of me where the seat leg was encroaching into the storage space (and my legroom) and the leg rest didn’t work when folded down since my bag was in the way. But nevertheless, the IFE, meal and overall service made up for the experience. Not too bad for a short-haul flight.

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