Flight Review – Thai Airways TG402: Singapore to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi by Boeing 777-200

I was off again to Bangkok, and similar to my previous flight, the TG402 departing from Singapore at 8:15am is operated by a Boeing 777-200. However, this time, I’ll be on a bulkhead window seat.

Looks like another full flight today.

Hello seat 31K!

Perhaps it’s the perception of the window beside me or that this particular row of seats is one of the only rows which comes with two seats only, but it feels a little bit more spacious than the bulkhead seat in the center row.

Thanks TG for the upgrade!

The full flight to Bangkok.

As the entertainment system on this row of seats is in the armrest, it needs to be stowed during take-off and landing, so the only way to watch the safety video is on the common screen on the bulkhead.

Stopping to allow a Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER to head to the runway first.

Perhaps a post on this coming soon?

Looking at the new Terminal 4, with a stray Scoot A320 parked at one of the gates there.

The view of East Coast as the plane takes off southwards.

Passing by Batam as it turns back to the north towards Thailand.

With the seat belt sign switched off, it’s time to flip the entertainment system up.

Well I haven’t seen this for quite some time. A VGA 6.1-inch personal television screen. I think the last time I touched one of these was on the Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 ages ago.

And since 31K is the first row of Economy Class, I was served my meal first (excluding those with special meals).

Not learning from my lesson on my previous flight, I opted for the Western option again. Thankfully, SATS did a good job with the Egg Frittata here as compared with the Scrambled Egg the previous time.

Landing at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

A look at the engines with the thrust reversers deployed.

Parked at Gate C3. Thankfully, it’s a shorter walk to immigration than the previous flight.

As compared with the previous flight, despite being on the same plane model and same Economy Class product, this flight feels a little bit more comfortable, possibly because of the seat position and the window. But as always, the afternoon flights back to Singapore are more interesting. Stay tuned!


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