Flight Review – Thai Airways TG409: Bangkok Suvarnabhumi to Singapore by Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jet – The “Queen of the Skies”

The Boeing 747-400 is probably the most distinctive passenger aircraft in the world, with a hump for an upper deck and its long-standing history since 1969. With many airlines slowly retiring them, Thai Airways is still going strong with the 747, and has assigned it to the ever-popular TG409 for the Bangkok – Singapore sector for additional capacity.

My boarding pass for my first Boeing 747 Thai Airways flight.

Opting for a change, I decided to head to the E Gates via the lower concourse with the D Gates and airline lounges…

… which I regretted doing as there weren’t any shops to look around at or travellators to speed up the walk a little.

Along the gates though, there are these new vending machines selling snacks and drinks…

… though they may be at the same price as the stalls upstairs. Remember to bring along your empty water bottle through security and refill it after, guys. If not, you’ll be paying 5 times the price of water from 7-Eleven.

Well, hello there. Looking as majestic as ever.

The capacity of the 747 is evident even as I was queuing to enter the gate hold room, with the queue stretching up the ramp. This didn’t happen on the A350 or B787.

Yup, getting full already, with people still queuing on the ramp down to the gate hold room.

Not looking out of place despite being 20 years old.

The long queue to board the plane.

If somehow you can’t recognise the 747 from outside, the staircase in front of you when you board should alert you to something special already.

Inside, HS-TGX is equipped with a similar Economy Class product as the Boeing 777-200.

The comfortable legroom on board.

On this flight though, the interactive entertainment system was not available while on the ground, just the flight information channel.

Bye Bangkok!

Looking back at Bangkok city with the Airport Rail Link line heading off.

The interactive entertainment system was switched on after the seat belt signs were switched off.

Dinner of the day: Sweet and Sour Fish with Egg Fried Rice.

Tasted pretty alright.

Back in Singapore with the new-age “Super Jumbo” of the Airbus A380 parked beside.

A closer look at the 747’s staircase when disembarking.

Back at Changi, with additional security screening upon landing.

Overall, despite the dated Economy Class product, it still feels special to be flying on the 747 even though it’s older than the 772. And with the aircraft slowly being retired around the world, I’ll probably still enjoy the flight with any product available, perhaps even if it means sitting on the floor or something.

The Boeing 747-400 is scheduled to operate on TG409 and TG410 from now till 24 March 2018. Don’t miss your chance to board the Queen of the Skies!

Some SINBKK and BKKSIN flights from January onwards, including TG409 and TG410, are showing up as being operated by an A350 or EQV (equipment varies). Do check your individual flight before booking if your main goal is to get onboard the Boeing 747 (and have lots of hope that you don’t get TG-ed).


  1. I racked up hundreds of thousands of miles on 747’s over a span of 30+ years – Japan Airlines, Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific, United Airlines, Northwest Airlines. Always a solid ride, the reassuring sensation of having extra engines to traverse the often rough skies over the Pacific. I like the smooth ride on board the A380, but nothing will come close to the aesthetic balance of the 747.

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