Flight Review – Thai Airways TG409: Bangkok Suvarnabhumi to Singapore by Airbus A350-900XWB

Thai Airways International is the national carrier of Thailand, and departs from the newer Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, which could be more convenient than Don Mueang Airport as compared to budget carriers like Scoot (Boeing 787 flights), AirAsia or Thai Lion Air since you can access this airport via the Airport Rail Link City Line.

And since this airport is bigger than Don Mueang with lots of King Power Duty Free shops around, there’s also lots of Mango Sticky Rice to be bought after immigration unlike in Don Mueang.


Since I got to the airport slightly late, I didn’t really walk much around, but not that I was going to shop for anything other than Mango Sticky Rice anyway.

Luckily I didn’t get a far gate this time, but it was still a good 400m walk from immigration.

Getting my boarding pass checked.

Ooh WiFi.

My TG409 flight was served by the new Airbus A350-900 or Airbus A350 XWB (extra wide body), which explains the newer interior too.

Inside the washroom, cologne from Divana was also provided. I couldn’t seem to get the spray working though.

And because I’m now slightly bored, it’s time to fiddle around with the WiFi. (See I almost never get bored when on board a train, but just 15 minutes into a flight and this happens.)

Whoops, no thanks.

For dinner, there was a choice of either Green Curry Fish Ball with Rice or Chicken with Noodles. Since I had the Chicken with Noodles before, I opted for the former, which was the right choice in the end because they ran out and I had to wait two minutes for it – means that it’s the popular choice.

The green curry seems to have dried up a fair bit though, but at least the taste was there. But honestly, I may stick with the noodles next time since I’m not exactly a fan of white rice. Was hoping there would be liquefied curry for me to drizzle it with.

And because I got bored with the entertainment system halfway, I decided to just listen to music and watch the plane from the tail.

Back at Changi Airport for instant immigration.


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