KLIA Ekspres Wave & Save Promotion with Visa payWave: KL City Air Terminal Now Accepts Visa payWave!

I’ve got another cheap Malindo Air Business Class ticket, and since I had a bag to check-in, I might as well use the KLIA Ekspres to get to the airport, and take advantage of the Wave & Save Promotion with Visa payWave. There was just a slight problem…

The KLIA Ekspres Wave & Save Promotion with Visa payWave allows for a 15% discount on one-way tickets (final fare of RM46.75) when paid for with a Visa payWave card at the fare gates.

The slight problem at the KL City Air Terminal (KL CAT) where I need to enter to check-in my bag was…

UPDATE (12 Dec 2017): Visa payWave is now “usable” at the KL CAT. As a temporary bypass, flash your Visa payWave card to the ticket counter who will open the manual gate for you to enter the KL CAT. Once you are done checking-in, head back out of the manual gate and tap in to the platforms with your Visa payWave card to enjoy the 15% off.

Here’s the email from Express Rail Link regarding this update:

Dear Admin,

First and foremost, we hope it’s not too late for us to thank you for your support and reviewing our service in your blog. With regards to your article on the Visa payWave promotion, we appreciate for highlighting the issue of not being able to use the card for check-in at Kuala Lumpur City Air Terminal. For your information, we have highlighted this to the management and they have come out with a solution to overcome this problem.

Passengers who wishes to use the check-in facility using the Visa payWave promo are now able to do so. They just need to mention and flash the Visa payWave card to the ticketing officers and they will let passengers in using the manual gate. After they are done checking in, passengers can tap their card at the gate to hop on board KLIA Ekspres.

We value your feedback as it will help us to continually improve the standard of facilities and services offered to all our passengers.

… hope to see you on board KLIA Ekspres again in the near future.

Well done Express Rail Link! Let’s hope more rail operators learn from you to accept constructive feedback from users.

… that the KL CAT fare gate does NOT accept Visa payWave, or any other third-party cards such as Touch ‘n Go for that matter. What’s the point of offering a promotion on a non-existent mode of payment.

And yes, I did verify this with the counter staff just beside the fare gates. Either I go to the counter or kiosk to get my ticket without the 15% discount or I head straight to the gate to the platforms and check-in my bag at the airport itself.

Honestly, RM2.75 doesn’t make me a millionaire but it’s the principle of offering this promotion. ERL should have stated this clearly in their terms and conditions instead of having the ticket counter tell you only when you are just about to check in at KL CAT. If I had wanted to check in at the airport, I would have just gotten on the Airport Coach for an 82% discount.


And because I still want at least a 10% discount, I got my ticket from the kiosk instead.

Back to the fare gates to KL CAT.

Checking in my bag at KL CAT.

My boarding pass for my Malindo OD 807 flight back to Singapore.

Down to the KLIA Ekspres platforms at KL Sentral.

Back at my favourite seat on the KLIA Ekspres.

Bye KTM and LRT.

Looks like Bandar Malaysia is starting to take shape.

The KL skyline with the Tun Razak Exchange and The Exchange 106 taking shape.

Still waiting for you guys to commence service.

Finally spotted the new CRRC KLIA Ekspres trainset. Honestly, I didn’t see this when looking through my camera, luckily I decided to be trigger happy when passing by the depot in order to catch the name as stated on the train.

Terms and conditions apply indeed. Albeit non-existent.

Scanning out of the KLIA platforms.

To go up to the departures level, you can wait for the lifts which may take quite a while.

Otherwise, you can just ride the escalators which will take equally long too since you have to go up four floors.

Ever since the fare increase, it’s already hard to swallow paying RM55 for a KLIA Ekspres ticket, and with non-existent discounts now, it’s even worse since it’s just giving you false hope. If I didn’t have anything to check-in and was slightly earlier, I would have opted for the Airport Coach or Jetbus instead, and will probably stick with them for my trips in future.


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