Tokyo to Sapporo by Train

This post is outdated with the opening of the Hokkaido Shinkansen.

For those using the Japan Rail Pass or who prefer a scenic journey to Sapporo from Tokyo, here is what it will be like.

A suggested itinerary for this trip:

Shinkansen Hayabusa Super Express 11
09:36 Tokyo
12:35 Shin-Aomori

Limited Express Super Hakucho 11
12:45 Shin-Aomori
14:58 Hakodate

Limited Express Super Hokuto 11
15:13 Hakodate
18:43 Sapporo

Trains are never late so please bear that in mind when transferring.

The Hayabusa to Shin-Aomori is formed by an E5 Shinkansen EMU coupled with an E6 serving a tandem Komachi service in front. Wait at the designated line for your car and you’ll do fine. If in a rush however, make sure you get on the green train.

The interior of a standard car. All seats on this train are reserved. This train also consist of a Green Car and a Gran Class car.

Transfer at Shin-Aomori by the means of a linkway to the lower platform perpendicular to the Shinkansen tracks to board the Super Hakucho to Hakodate. You may purchase an ekiben, or station lunch box, along the way.

The Super Hakucho also takes you through the world’s longest and deepest undersea rail tunnel – the Seikan Tunnel.

The interior of the Super Hakucho. 2 cars in this 6-car train are non-reserved seats.

Cross the platform at Hakodate station to board the Super Hokuto bound for Sapporo.

The interior of the non-reserved seat of the Super Hokuto.

And the interior of the reserved seat.

For more information, do visit JR Hokkaido.

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