Yellow Star Express (Enrich Global Holidays) from JB Larkin Sentral to KL TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) by Bus

Yellow Star Express Bus from JB Larkin Sentral to KL TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan)

I spotted a promotion on Easybook for Yellow Star Express from JB Larkin Sentral to KL TBS going for only RM26.25, as previously shared on Facebook. Needing to go to KL anyway, I took up this promotion without hesitation for the midnight bus (11.59pm) from JB to KL TBS, making it my cheapest bus ride from JB to KL ever. This also gives me a reason to try out a new bus company that I’ve not taken before.

Johor Bahru Larkin Sentral

The journey starts from Johor Bahru Larkin Sentral and RM2 poorer as usual.

With the promotion, I still needed to pay RM2 to Larkin Sentral to print out my boarding pass. Thus making this promotion fare RM26.25 + RM2 = RM28.25. Still cheap nonetheless.

Heading to the departure hall 30 minutes before departure with my boarding pass.

Scanning my boarding pass at the CTS gate.

The departure hall at Larkin Sentral for express buses.

My Yellow Star Express 11.59pm bus was registered as WTD6336 on the information screens.

Yellow Star Express

My Yellow Star Express arrived at Platform B13 at 11.44pm, in good time for the midnight departure. However, instead of the registered WTD6336, my bus was KDK8211, formerly operating for Super 88 Express and Pacific Express.

Pacific Express. Oh boy.

Thankfully, the bus interior was nothing like Pacific Express, with a freshly prepared and clean bus for the midnight departure. The lights were switched on and bright, and all the Orient seats were reset to the “crouch” position.

The only downside was that this was a 30-seater bus, which means less legroom.

My single seat at 6A.

Being a 30-seater bus, the legroom is not great, especially for a night bus. But seeing that this was a good promotional fare, I guess it’s a fair exchange.

Here’s a better visualisation of the legroom with the seat in front in the first upright position before recline.

Notably, there are also no calf rests installed on the Orient Seats on this Yellow Star Express bus, with just 1 side lever to control the seat recline.

The seat pitch looks really tight at the last row. There is no 31st seat facing the aisle as the path leads to the driver’s rest area.

My Yellow Star Express bus departed from JB Larkin Sentral at 12.04am, 5 minutes delayed, quite empty. I didn’t get too happy yet as I saw a rather full seat map, and I knew there was going to be another stop at TUTA first.

Heading out of JB Larkin Sentral.

Taman Ungku Tun Aminah (TUTA/T Sentral) Bus Terminal

My Yellow Star Express arrived at Taman Ungku Tun Aminah (TUTA/T Sentral) Bus Terminal at 12.17am.

Most passengers for my Yellow Star Express bus boarded at TUTA T Sentral for the 12.30am departure.

With everyone reclining seats for the night, the very tight legroom of the 30-seater bus can clearly be seen and felt.

My Yellow Star Express departed from Taman Ungku Tun Aminah (TUTA/T Sentral) Bus Terminal at 12.35am – 5 minutes delayed.

PLUS North-South Expressway

Heading through Skudai Toll Plaza onto the PLUS North-South Expressway.

Tangkak Lay-by Northbound

My Yellow Star Express bus made a 20-minute stop at Tangkak Lay-by Northbound at 2.25am for a toilet break.

Kuala Lumpur Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS)

My Yellow Star Express bus arrived at Kuala Lumpur Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) at 4.29am, making it a journey time of 4 hours and 30 minutes based on scheduled departure time, including the stop at TUTA T Sentral.

Heading up the escalator from the arrival platform.

Heading into the arrival hall.

Here, I waited in the terminal until the first LRT train was operational in about 1.5 hours time.


While Yellow Star Express may not be the top name on everyone’s minds for the JB-KL bus route, the route was non-stop between JB and KL, with 2 terminals in JB, which is a good consideration to choose. The legroom for this 30-seater bus was tight, but that was to be expected for 30-seater buses in general, hence I tend to avoid them. But for this discounted Easybook fare, sure.

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