Awana SkyWay from Awana Bus Terminal to SkyAvenue Resorts World Genting by Cable Car

The Awana SkyWay is a new gondola lift system replacing the old aerial tramway which operated on the same route. located on Level 2 of the Awana Transportation Hub, which is the main bus gateway to Resorts World Genting from everywhere, except for graveyard hours from 12am to 7am.

Ticketing counters are available for big groups and corporate purchases, but the rest are directed to use the automated self-service machines.

The current price list for the Awana SkyWay.

Ticket Types Standard Gondola Glass Floor Gondola
One Way RM8 RM40
Return RM16 RM80
Genting Rewards Card 5GP / RM8 40GP / RM50
Express Queue One Way RM40
Chartered Gondola RM300 RM500

My return tickets purchased from the machine, which is actually two pieces of a single trip each. Do note that each barcode is unique so remember which one you have used and which one you have not if you buy a return ticket.

Scan the barcode at the reader before queuing for the Awana SkyWay.

The Awana Station is clearly prepared for a surge of passengers but luckily I barely had 10 people in front of me in the queue.

A first look at the new Awana SkyWay.

Ascending Genting Highlands from the Awana Bus Terminal.

The gondola lift system is built by Leitner Ropeways, same as the Ngong Ping 360° in Hong Kong.

The most noticeable and important addition to the Awana SkyWay are two USB charging ports in the cabin, each at the end of each bench. While the ride isn’t long to begin with, just around 10 minutes, it helps if you’re running really low on battery and need some opportunity to sustain your phone.

Approaching Chin Swee Temple. An intermediate station on the Awana SkyWay serves this temple.

Approaching Chin Swee Station. The mid-level station is linked to the Chin Swee Temple via a set of escalators. (Mid-Levels Escalator. Ha.)

Passing over the tropical rainforests on the way to SkyAvenue.

A nice winding road below the Awana SkyWay.

Approaching the angle station before passing over Resorts World Genting.

The first view of Resorts World Genting.

The upcoming 20th Century Fox World under construction.

Descending into SkyAvenue with the iconic First World Hotel on the left.

It looks like the Awana SkyWay terminates in a construction site but thankfully it wasn’t the case.

A look back at Genting Hotel, Resort Hotel and Highlands Hotel.

Arrived at SkyAvenue Station.

The station is connected directly to the shopping mall where access to the other parts of Resorts World Genting is really easy.

The new SkyAvenue shopping mall which is the central complex to the various hotels and casinos.

For the return trip back, the queue system is similar to the ascending trip.

A ticket counter and ticketing machines are also available before the queue.

Awana SkyWay Price List

Ticket Types Standard Gondola Glass Floor Gondola
One Way RM8 RM40
Return RM16 RM80
Genting Rewards Card 5GP / RM8 40GP / RM50
Express Queue One Way RM40
Chartered Gondola RM300 RM500


  1. Hai there. I wanna ask about luggage. i am planning to stay at first world hotel but i have 2 big luggages with me. and i heard that i can’t bring those luggages inside the gondola. what am i supposed to do then? would be nice if you can give me some information, thanks before.

    1. Can I bring my luggage on the gondola?
      Passengers can take along one aircraft cabin size bag per passenger on the gondola. Oversized baggage can be stored at the Baggage Storage Service located at Level G of the Awana SkyWay building for RM5 per baggage for 24 hours. Otherwise, a surcharge of RM20 will be imposed for bringing oversized baggage into the cable car per passenger.

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