Go Genting Express Bus from Awana Bus Terminal to KL Sentral by Bus

The Go Genting Express Bus, officially known as the Genting Express Bus Service, is the main shuttle bus operated in-house by Resorts World Tours Sdn. Bhd. to shuttle guests between Kuala Lumpur and Resorts World Genting.

As I got my tickets before I made my trip to Genting, the procedures for boarding the bus from Awana Bus Terminal back to KL was rather simple – just look at the departure board and wait for the bus.

Assuming there is no queue for the Awana SkyWay from SkyAvenue, you should board the Awana SkyWay to Awana Bus Terminal 30 minutes before your bus departure time.

If you haven’t though, the ticketing counter is within the waiting lounge to get a ticket for the next available bus, though I wouldn’t suggest you do this for a last bus departure. The centralised ticketing system, similar to the one at TBS, is used here.

The timetable for the Go Genting Express Bus departing from Awana Bus Terminal.

While the arrangement is similar to TBS, no counters are placed in front of the platform to check tickets, bus information is not displayed at individual platforms and the glass doors are freely opened when you walk under the sensor, making the departure platforms feel like an overly-glorified parking lot instead.

There is a waiting area in the middle of the departure hall but does not face most platforms.

My 9.30pm bus to KL Sentral pulling in at Platform 3 at 9.30pm.

Tickets are checked by a Go Genting staff at the door before boarding the bus.

As this was the last bus out of Awana Bus Terminal for the day, the bus was sold out and almost full, with the empty seats probably purchased by passengers who bought another ticket for an earlier bus to get down from Genting earlier.

Leaving Awana Bus Terminal.

Descending Genting. The roads are rather well-lit until Genting Sempah.

The interior of the bus after arrival at KL Sentral.

As this is the last bus, the driver departs for the depot immediately after the passengers have disembarked.

Click here for Kuala Lumpur – Genting Express Bus Service Information and Routes:


  1. pleade call me back 0123829563, my phone judt lost at bus genting resorts world at 9.30pm from awana bus terminal to kl sentral, bus no plate 3601 at monday 17.7.2017, handphone model nokia. i m mr pang kah keet.thx

  2. Hello, I will be going to KL next week by ETS. Once I reach KL Sentral by train, I plan to buy the Genting express ticket right away and leave for Genting on the same day itself. Is it possible to do so since there are buses to Genting every hour. Also, can I know the price for the bus ticket from KL Sentral to Genting including SkyWay cable car ? Thank you.

    1. You can get on the next available bus, which may not be the next bus departing as tickets do sell out. It’s RM4.30 for the bus and RM8 for the cable car which is purchased separately at Awana Bus Terminal.

  3. Hello! Did you get your bus ticket online? I am planning a trip next month and I want to go as smoothly as possible. It would be great if I could book in advance. Thanks!

  4. Why the ticket price for the bus had been raised and we had to pay for cable too althoug we are not going for the cable car. The last year ticket price is reasonable for the person who not not going for the cable car. I thinh the Genting authorities and Malaysian govenment authorities should check about this matter. I dont mind to report this matter to higher Malaysian government authorities. As the ticketing side for Genting not forcing people to py for the cable car ticket. Please look up thos matter as soon as possible as u will lose a lot of customer. Tq

  5. How long is the bus trip to KL Sentral if depart on a Sunday at 2pm? As I need to be at KL Sentral before 3.30pm. Thanks.

  6. Can I buy tickets going to KL Sentral from Awana bus station? If yes, where can I buy these. If I plan to take the 10:30am bus to KL Sentral, what time should I leave Genting Highlands.

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