BusTravel Station is now launched!

BusTravel Station is your one-stop integrated information portal and blog about what you can experience on your next bus journey. As somewhere you will sit for the next couple of hours, you want to make sure that you get as comfortable as possible since you’ll be stuck in a moving metal box to where you actually want to be.

And so that you would know what to pick before you actually purchase your ticket, I volunteer as tribute.

Why BusTravel Station?

The statistics gathered for the past month indicates that without the KTM service information pages, most visitors arrive at RailTravel Station for bus information. So, to further diversify my travel options and not dilute my existing RailTravel Station branding, bus posts on RailTravel Station will be migrated to BusTravel Station in time to come.

For bus experience seekers, I’ll see you over at BusTravel Station!

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