Flight Review – AirAsia AK717: Kuala Lumpur (klia2) to Singapore (Changi Airport) by Plane

I flew back from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore this time because the fares were cheap enough and I didn’t feel like getting stuck in the evening causeway jam on the bus. Also, I get to write about the bus connections from klia2 which I’m hoping to expand the section in the near future too.

From gateway@klia2 where the bus stops, the actual terminal building will feel slightly separated on the departures level with the short outdoor area. After entering the terminal though, you will see this huge departure sign.

Long story short, if you’re on AirAsia, just turn left for baggage drop and counter check-in where all the rows are AirAsia’s.

If you’re just travelling with hand-carry luggage, you can use the self-check in kiosks to check-in or reprint your boarding pass.

Heading for immigration clearance. There’s usually a queue here, so be in early.

klia2’s layout is one of the strangest for security clearance. After immigration, you have to scan your bags, and after which, you head to your respective piers and before you enter, you have to scan your bags again. That means scanning your bags twice in a span of probably 5 minutes for the L pier.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) this time round, my gate was the very first after security clearance. But from the looks of it, there isn’t much seats to wait around in this very thin area.

A little further, and there’s a little bit of shops. The travelator is out of order though, but not much of a surprise there.

And so are all 3 of the free internet stations.

Since it’s going to be a pain waiting at the pier, I just opted to enter the gate hold room early.

The very thin gate hold room of the L pier.

Piers K and L are actually the same, except that K is used for domestic departures. This pier offers flexibility in case the aircraft is coming from a domestic route and departing to an international destination or vice-versa, and probably to cope with the crowds at different periods too.

My plane ready for departure.

Leaving klia2.

Passing by the AirAsia X Airbus A330 in the “A Truly Passionate Allstar” livery, dedicated to the late Anaz Ahmad Tajuddin, former COO of AirAsia X.

klia2 from the air.

The scenery along the way, including the Muar River.

The Tuas Second Link. Glad I’m up here instead.

The Tuas South extension.

All of Singapore in one picture.

Looking back at Tanjung Piai, the true southernmost point of continental Asia based on the main Europe-Asia land mass.

Sentosa as seen from above.

The Marina Bay area, which most passengers on board would probably be visiting within the next few hours.

Passing by Changi Airport.

Looking down at Batam Centre and Batu Ampar in Batam.

The reclamation of Tekong.

The sunset reflection on Sungai Sebina.

Sungai Belongkor on approach to Changi.

Finally entering Singapore after a very short visit to Indonesia and entering Malaysia again.

Most Singaporean males’ favourite island resort.

The future Terminal 5 land area.

The up and coming Terminal 4, with an A380 parked.

The last few days of the split Tigerair and Scoot.

Approaching Gate D42R.

Sharing a gate with the neighbouring Jetstar on D42L.

Back where 1-minute immigration queues for locals are always a standard.

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