Cityliner Service 27 from Kota Bharu to Wakaf Bharu by Bus (Defunct)

Cityliner Bus Service 27 is a key route plying between Kota Bharu and Pengkalan Kubor, passing through Wakaf Bharu and Cabang Empat. The route is approximately 28km long each way, operating with a frequency of around 30 to 60 minutes and a journey time of approximately 60 minutes.

Click here to access the Cityliner Kota Bharu Service Guide (Key routes west of Sungai Kelantan only).

Cityliner Kota Bharu has ceased operations some time in August 2020 based on the timeline of Facebook posts and comments.

This route gets you to Wakaf Bharu Railway Station where you can catch trains on the East Coast Line. The route between Kota Bharu and Wakaf Bharu is approximately 5km long, with a journey time of approximately 20 minutes. Note that this is not an express bus – the bus will stop at all bus stops and landmarks along the way. The bus will also not stop you in front of Wakaf Bharu Railway Station, so read on…

Here’s a pictorial guide since it is a little confusing as there is no proper bus stop at Wakaf Bharu. You can also take parallel bus service 19 or 43 to Wakaf Bharu if there is an earlier departure than service 27. However, note that service 19 and 43 has infrequent departure times, and 43 stops at a different location than 19 or 27. Refer to the map provided below for more details.

You can board the bus once the doors are open. If the driver is not yet on board, just take your seat or standing space first. Purchase your ticket from the driver once he appears. The fare is RM1.60 from Kota Bharu to Wakaf Bharu. Small change is provided, but do try to provide exact change or pay with RM1 notes.

Do expect to share your standing space with locals carrying their products.

Your first landmark where you should get ready to look out the window to get off is when the bus passes over the Kelantan River. You won’t miss this (I hope).

The second landmark is when the bus passes the Pasir Pekan Roundabout, your first roundabout of the journey, and past the Al-Ismaili Mosque.

Your third landmark will be when the bus passes over a bridge over the railway tracks. Get your belongings ready when you cross the track.

Your final landmark is the Wakaf Bharu Roundabout. Press the bell to alight, or a local may have pressed it already anyway.

The bus will drop you off along the road (Jalan Puteri Saadong). Walk straight in the direction of the departing bus.

When you come across this junction just ahead (where you will see the bus turning right), turn left.

Head straight in the direction of the railway crossing.

After passing over the railway crossing, turn right to Wakaf Bharu Railway Station where the big blue sign is.

You will see this view from the railway crossing, so you shouldn’t be messing up at this point.

Follow the road straight to the railway station.

And voilà, you have arrived at Wakaf Bharu Railway Station where you can catch the Shuttle Timur or the Ekspres Rakyat Timuran on the East Coast Line.

The reverse of this route works too. Just wait for the bus at Jalan Puteri Saadong in the northbound direction towards the Wakaf Bharu Roundabout.

Estimated Route of Cityliner Service 19 & 27 and Walking Route to Wakaf Bharu Railway Station
Map features Kota Bharu – Wakaf Bharu only

BusTravel Station-created Google MyMaps is no longer available.

Cityliner Route Map
Key routes west of Sungai Kelantan only

Click on the image to enlarge.

Kota Bharu – Wakaf Bharu: RM1.60
Payment by cash only to the driver on board.
All other fares, please ask the counter at the terminal or driver on board.

Every 30 – 60 minutes, ask the counter for next departure time.

Operating Hours
6.15am – 6.50pm

For more information, please visit Cityliner’s website.

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