Day 1: PELNI KM Kelud from Batam (Batu Ampar) to Jakarta (Tanjung Priok)

While having my lunch, I was informed by the staff that there was another guy sharing my room and he could get me another room for a fee of Rp100,000. I obliged, and then another staff said Rp200,000 would be good, to which I responded that I could almost buy another Economy Class ticket at that price. Rp150,000 he asked, to which I said nevermind, I’ll just remain where I am.

And that’s how he dropped back down to Rp100,000.

The last few passengers arriving by the transfer bus.

First, a little tour of my cabin.

Each Class 1A cabin fits two people, and can be shared between two single travellers of the same sex.

Bed A.

Bed B.

The reading desk, TV, coffee making facilities (no coffee provided) and lockable wardrobe.

The attached western-style bathroom and hot water shower.

The first and second class gangway being hoisted up prior to departure.

Navy ships at Batu Ampar.

The staff lashing down the cargo containers for sea.

The port crew letting go of the lines.

Slipping off from Batu Ampar Port.

Harbour Bay as seen from the ship.

Looking back at Batu Ampar Port.

The Singapore skyline as seen from the ship.

Shortly after departure, an announcement was made for all passengers to return to their respective places for ticket checking, and all connecting doors between parts of the ship will be locked.

Once that was done, I returned to the promenade deck to see rain coming down on eastern Singapore.

The hatch to the promenade deck.

The builder plate of the KM Kelud.

Batam Centre with its grand Hollywood sign.

Now for more pictures of the facilities on board the KM Kelud.

The sun deck on Deck 7.

There is an Alfamart on the roof (that’s what it says on the ship plan), above Deck 7, with a seating area outside.

A clinic is available on board for any medical needs.

A photo wall is available outside the clinic in case you fail to spot any real-life dolphins out at sea.

A nice painting of the KM Kelud.

A new Economy Class layout with double deck bunk beds, as opposed to the other pictures I have seen online.

There is also a mini theater on Deck 2, the lowest deck a passenger can access. Tickets for each movie screening cost Rp10,000, which will be announced and opened about an hour before the movie begins.

Outside the theater, there are the older Economy Class bed frames which seem to be undergoing on upgrade with power sockets for each bed.

The PELNI Mart outside of the First Class area.

The route map of the KM Kelud.

I retired back to my cabin for a while before the steward knocked on my door to inform that dinner was ready.

The dinner spread for the entire number of passengers in First AND Second Class.

My portion for dinner.

After dinner was done, I walked around the ship to watch the sunset.

During this time, the Maghrib prayer is blasted onto the PA system.

It’s worth to note that all Islamic prayers, 5 times a day, are broadcasted onto the PA system.

I didn’t notice during the day, but the Alfamart signs are pointing out of the ship, away from passengers’ view. Whatever for?

The dressed ship for night time.

First day: done.

Since there wasn’t anything else to do, aside from the movie screening and live music at 9pm, I went to bed early.

Next post: Day 2: PELNI KM Kelud from Batam (Batu Ampar) to Jakarta (Tanjung Priok)


  1. It’s the first time I read about sea travelling on your blog, thank you for taking the time. How long did it take for the whole journey, starting from Singapore I presume?

  2. Thanks for the reply. Does the boat from Batam to Jakarta operate on a daily basis? I’ve tried to make a mock purchase on the Pelni website to get some basic ideas, but from what I could read through google translate a boat that leaves on 19th of June will arrive on 1st of July… I’m a senile old man who could only read Chinese and English and I guess I must have done something wrong. Is there any other way to book a ticket or at least get a timetable for the boat service? Thank you.

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