ETS Silver: Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh by Train

This post is about the travel experience onboard the ETS Silver.

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The ETS Silver offers the lowest fares among the 3 ETS service classes, stopping at some stations between KL Sentral and Tanjung Malim and at all stations between Tanjung Malim and Ipoh – making it the service with the most stops among the 3 ETS service classes.

Since 20 February 2017, with the new platform assignments due to the progress of the infrastructure upgrading of the Klang Valley Double Track project, all ETS services to and from KL Sentral departs from Platform 3, with the waiting area at Gate C, which is pretty much the KTM Komuter gates.

Before my ETS Silver train departing at 12.20pm, there is an ETS Gold service to Gemas which is said to arrive. However, this is evidently wrong with the CCTV showing no trains currently at Platform 3, and all other platforms anyway.

After the ETS Gold service to Gemas departed, the passengers to Ipoh were allowed to enter the platform.

Platform 3 is now separated from the KTM Komuter platforms with a barricade.

After descending down to the platform, ETS passengers are ushered to the waiting area before the train arrives.

The former KTM Komuter waiting area is now for ETS passengers.

The ETS Silver is formed of a 91 Class EMU.

Although it’s a 91 Class, KTM seems to have just used the 93 Class safety stickers on the seat back of this train. Or maybe they’ve only printed one type of sticker.

The seat layout on the safety sticker does not correspond to the actual seat layout at all. Looks like KTM themselves can’t provide their own information. (For the actual seat layout, visit my 91 Class and 93 Class pages.)

The ETS also now uses Platform 2 of Kuala Lumpur Railway Station for northbound travel.

Food-wise, the meal options are the same across all ETS services.

I personally prefer the bistro of the 91 Class due to the bar counter-style seating arrangement facing the window as compared to the 93 Class.

Passing by the track rehabilitation area of the the infrastructure upgrading of the Klang Valley Double Track project.

The usual Nasi Lemak was available. RM9 for the combo with a hot drink.

Also available on this trip (finally) was the highly-raved about “dim sum” which was never available for all my ETS trips so far before this. I had to request from the bistro staff and he kindly helped me check his chiller box, and found the last box of dim sum siew mai available.

Either the dim sum is so popular that it got sold out 30 minutes after departure from KL Sentral or it’s not popular that they didn’t bother stocking up on it before departure – I think it’s the latter.

The dim sum is served with hoisin sauce which was kind of strange, but it tasted fine nonetheless. RM9 for the combo with a bottle of mineral water.

Back in my seat, clearly KTM tries hard to spice up their bistro offerings but kind of neglected vetting through their movies before screening them.

The typical scenery in Perak on the way to Ipoh.

The train somehow managed to hit 150km/h in Perak, allowing it to catch up some time lost while waiting to enter the single track sector of the track rehabilitation area as it was occupied by a KTM Komuter train.

An interior shot of the 91 Class which I managed to get after the passengers has disembarked at Ipoh, the final station of this ETS Silver service. The ETS Silver service is only found on the KL Sentral – Ipoh route.

The 91 Class ETS03 at Ipoh’s Platform 1, which will form the next ETS Gold service back to KL Sentral.

It’s been a couple of years since I last stepped into Ipoh, and the passenger flow has changed since the last time I used it about 4 and a half years ago. The centre door is now used for arriving passengers only.

Also something new to me is the Taxi Coupon counter. This wasn’t available the last time I came here although I would assume it’s not the cheapest since the touts outside still had good business. But of course, if you have a smartphone, use an app or something.

It’s always nice to step out of Ipoh Railway Station and walk through the garden to the main road. It looked fresher than my last visit, either that or it’s been so long that it felt refreshing to be back.

This post is about the travel experience onboard the ETS Silver.

Click here to visit the dedicated ETS Silver information page.

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  1. Hello… I planned to visit Ipoh using ETS 12.20 from KL, I kind of confused with the seat position, need to get a forward seat because usually have carsickness, can you help me point the right way.. I see your seat sketch, but still confused with south and north thing . Please help. Thank you

  2. Do much about thr facilities you jave published. WHT is important is the train schedule and the Ecounter! This should be utmost important! Please buckup!

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