ETS Gold: Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur by Train

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This post is about the travel experience onboard the ETS Gold.

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The ETS Gold is the most common service among the 3 ETS service classes, but the ETS Gold service between KL Sentral and Ipoh has slightly more stops than the other services between KL Sentral and Butterworth or Padang Besar, and is also commonly served by the 91 Class with the exception of two services.

The waiting hall of Ipoh Railway Station now has more seats as the platform is now restricted for passengers only.

The gate to enter the platform.

The 91 Class ETS 03 standing by for departure, which is actually the same train set as my previous ETS Silver journey.

Departing Ipoh.

If you need to know the typical platform gap for the ETS on typical high platform stations, it’s around 12-15cm wide.

I tried the new Nasi Briyani on this trip, which wasn’t on the menu. I’m not sure if this is a limited item though. RM9 for the combo with a bottle of mineral water.

It comes with a side of chicken, but it was too salty for me in general. It wasn’t the saltiness from the spices for the rice or the sauce of the chicken – it was more like the saltiness from salt.

Along the way near Serendah, the train passed by the Emrail yard where the former Japanese DD51, Indian YDM4 and Thai Krupp locomotives are stabled, along with Emrail’s other locomotives.

The train arrived at Platform 3 of KL Sentral, where passengers ascend up to the concourse via Gate D, which is actually shared with the KTM Komuter trains arriving from Pelabuhan Klang and Pulau Sebang (Tampin). A staff will be on hand to change the position of the gate. ETS passengers have priority on the escalators if both trains arrive at the same time.

Again, not the perfect solution, but considering that there are technically no tracks at the usual Platforms 1 and 2, this seem to be the most viable solution.

ETS passengers exit out of the Touch ‘n Go lane of the KTM Komuter gates.

Not the grandest welcome to KL Sentral but at least it sort of offers easier access to interchanging with other rail systems in the station.

This post is about the travel experience onboard the ETS Gold.

Click here to visit the dedicated ETS Gold information page.

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