Kelana Jaya Line Bombardier INNOVIA Metro 300

The Kelana Jaya Line Bombardier INNOVIA Metro 300, or more locally-known as the Kuala Lumpur Additional Vehicle (KLAV) trains, is the latest addition to the fleet of Kelana Jaya Line trains. The INNOVIA Metro 300 is the third-generation train for the Kelana Jaya Line, ordered for the sustainability of the system with the increase of passengers and the extension to Putra Heights. 14 such sets of 4-car trains are ordered, with a few running on revenue service already.

The interior of the train looks more or less similar to the refurbished 2-car trans, with the exception of the grabpoles, handgrips and the larger window on the doors.

Most notably, the INNOVIA Metro 300 features a dynamic route map above each door to show which station the train is currently at or travelling to.

The dynamic route map also tells you which side the door will open on. The red and orange doesn’t seem to differentiate itself well though, I would rather have the past stations be in red and the upcoming stations in green instead.

In addition to the dynamic route maps, the next station information can also be found on the information screens in the middle of each coach, which plays advertisements, videos and infographics of RapidKL services.

The handstrap design seems to blend the original design with the harder red STAR LRT material, which can be found on some unrefurbished 2-car trains. I would personally prefer the original material as it’s softer and feels nicer to hold.

The interior fittings are done by Bombardier and Hartasuma, as seen on the builder plate and the door plate.

The front driving console area is a little different from the previous Bombardier INNOVIA Metro designs, offering a much wider view from a passenger’s perspective.

I wouldn’t say that the INNOVIA Metro 300 is a new level of comfort for travelling on the Kelana Jaya line as the seats look and feel the same, and the motor sounds the same too, but it at least reduces the frequency on the line during peak hours. If you’re lucky enough, your next ride on the Kelana Jaya Line might be on the INNOVIA Metro 300!

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