Flight Review: Indonesia AirAsia QZ125 from Kuala Lumpur to Medan by Airbus A320-200

Coming in from my early AirAsia AK700 flight from Singapore, it was a comfortable transfer time for my next flight, Indonesia AirAsia QZ125 to Medan.

I headed to the transfer counter to print a boarding pass, but the staff told me to go clear immigration and print it at the kiosks outside, even when I didn’t have any check-in bags.

No thanks. I used my print-at-home boarding pass and proceeded up to the international departures level.

My print-at-home boarding passes for my flight to KL and Medan.

Heading to security clearance to enter the international departures area.

Once that was done, I walked to the area just after immigration and security screening to check on my flight details as there was no flight information screens anywhere between the transfer desk to just after security screening inclusive.

My flight was departing from Gate Q7.

Oh well. Hello SkyBridge.

Heading to Pier Q.

Crossing the dreaded SkyBridge. Thankfully, all the travellators were working this time.

Heading down to the gates.

Pier Q is on the right of the down escalator.

Entering Pier Q.

Thankfully, security screening at Pier Q did not have much of a queue this morning.

Heading onwards to my gate.

The crowd in front of Gate Q7 as the gate just opened. At this gate, boarding passes are checked before entering the gate hold room, causing this build-up of passengers at the narrow entrance and walkway.

The gate opened slightly over an hour before departure.

Getting my boarding pass checked to enter the gate hold room of Gate G7.

The interior of Gate G7.

PK-AZL on duty for my Indonesia AirAsia QZ125 from Kuala Lumpur to Medan.

I opted to board last again, seeing the crowds that rushed for boarding and the standstill on the aerobridge.

Heading to the plane with the klia2 screen saying that the gate was closed. Ha.

Heading down the aerobridge.

Boarding the aircraft.

Heading down to my seat.

The legroom on board Indonesia AirAsia’s Airbus A320-200.

Quite a lot of mist in the cabin thanks to KL’s humidity.

No window views of the flight this time, since I was in the aisle seat.

It was a long taxi to the runway with klia2’s Runway 3’s usual congestion.

For brunch, I ordered a Nasi Padang Uda Ratman for S$4.

The Nasi Padang Uda Ratman rice set comes with beef rendang, tapioca leaves, ikan bilis and green sambal. The set also comes with a side of kerupuk just like a typical meal in Indonesia. The set was tasty and sufficiently spicy overall, though the beef was a little tough for my liking.

Disembarking via the aerobridge at Medan Kuala Namu International Airport.

Despite the 16 minute delay at takeoff, the plane landed just 3 minutes late – making this a flight time of only 32 minutes.

Kuala Namu still looks like Hong Kong International Airport to me.

Heading to arrival immigration on the external lane.

Heading down to arrival immigration.

As I was one of the first to get off the plane, there was no queue at all at immigration, and after a quick handing over of my customs form and scan of my bag, I was out of the baggage claim area in less than 5 minutes.

From here, I headed on quickly to the Railink station where I could hopefully rush for the earlier 10.10am train into the city, saving me an hour of waiting time for the next train departure.

Overall, another short and sweet flight with AirAsia. With low cost carriers offering you frills that you only pay for what you want, it’s hard to go wrong with expectations.

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