Flight Review: AirAsia AK700 from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (for Medan) by Airbus A320neo

This Saturday morning hop to KL was more complicated than necessary, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise instead.

This was going to be another reroute via KL as my originally-booked Indonesia AirAsia QZ181 was terminated. I had booked my original reroute with AK722 departing from Singapore the night before at 11.30pm  and connecting to Indonesia AirAsia QZ129 departing the next morning at 08.40am, but my rerouted flight via QZ129 was in turn rescheduled to a later timing closer to my departure date, starting the process of changing my flights all over again.

But with this later departure from KL to Medan, I was able to squeeze in a much shorter connection from Singapore with AirAsia AK700 departing at 07.35am, arriving into klia2 at 08.35am, and connecting to Indonesia AirAsia QZ125 departing from klia2 at 10.00am, arriving into Medan at 09.45am, which turned out pretty well.

Mentally exhausting and complicated, but great nonetheless.

As I arrived pretty late for my flight, less than an hour to departure, I headed straight to the gate since I couldn’t print my boarding pass at the FAST Check-in kiosk anymore.

My flight AirAsia AK700 was departing from Gate G1.

My print-at-home boarding passes for my flight to KL and Medan.

With boarding already commenced when I got to the gate, I could board immediately.

Boarding my flight at last call.

9M-RAB on duty for my AirAsia AK700 flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur klia2.

With the rather quick and efficient boarding at the gate, there as a bit of a backlog of passengers heading down the aerobridge.

The condensation on the windows on this early morning.

The tighter legroom on board AirAsia’s Airbus A320neo as there is an the additional row of seats.

The view from my seat.

Pushing back from Gate G1…

… all the way to Gate G7.

Taxiing out to the runway.

Preparing for takeoff from Runway 02C.

Bye Singapore and Changi East.

Flying over Pulau Tekong.

Within 2 minutes, the plane was back over Malaysia.

I pre-booked a Gourmet Croissant Sandwich for S$3 for this morning’s breakfast. I opted for something lighter than usual since I have another meal booked on my Medan flight later.

The Gourmet Croissant Sandwich was a cold meal but tasted fresh. The sandwich included chicken ham, cheese, vegetables and honey mustard sauce. I thought it was rather flavourful, but I wish there was slightly more sauce to go along with it.

Descending into klia2.

The nice and crisp morning scenery and sunlight in Negeri Sembilan.

Landed at klia2 at 8.22am, 13 minutes early. I now have a safer connecting time to my next flight to Medan.

Taxiing to the terminal building.

Lots of AirAsia X Airbus A330s at the terminal.

Passing by the SkyBridge.

Heading to Pier K.

AirAsia’s RedQ as seen from the plane.

Turning into the odd gates of Pier K.

9M-AQF in AirAsia’s #WEAREALLCHAMPIONS livery.

Parked at Gate K7.

Heading to the terminal via the aerobridge.

Heading up to the arrivals level.

From here, I proceeded to the transfer to my next flight for Medan, departing in slightly over an hour’s time.

Overall, AirAsia AK700 is an efficient way to get to KL in the early morning and to connect to other morning flights from klia2.

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