Flight Review: Indonesia AirAsia QZ268 from Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 2) to Singapore by Airbus A320-200

Indonesia AirAsia QZ268 is the last Indonesia AirAsia flight of the day from Jakarta to Singapore, with a dinner-time flight time, making it very time-effective to get back home from Jakarta. As all AirAsia flights had moved to Terminal 2 of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, I caught the Skytrain there to head for my flight.

Terminal 2 seems to be turning officially into a low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT), and the current access to departures from the Skytrain level seems to correspond to it.

Heading up the staircase to the departures level.

Entering the departure hall.

The Terminal 2 Skytrain Station from the departure driveway. Hopefully once the linkbridge is open for passenger service, the access to the terminal will not be so “budget”.

The departure board of Terminal 2.

Check-in for all AirAsia flights seems to be at Door 5, which is actually Terminal 2F rather than the usual previous international Terminal 2D.

Heading to Door 5 without any 2.5 hour queues for A&W.

Once passed through Door 5 and security, I was greeted with this new floor directional signs. Great job, PT Angkasa Pura II.

I followed the blue line to the self check-in kiosks.

The usual PT Angkasa Pura II self ckeck-in kiosk interface.

Unlike AirAsia’s own system, PT Angkasa Pura II’s kiosks require me to scan my passport when reprinting my boarding pass.

Printing out my boarding pass from the self check-in kiosk.

A final reminder by the kiosk to be at the gate 30 minutes before departure. With the lower number of gates at Terminal 2 and the higher risk of getting a bus, I’ll follow this rule definitely.

My boarding pass for my Indonesia AirAsia QZ268 flight from Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta Terminal 2) to Singapore.

From here, I followed the orange line to the “international area”.

Unfortunately the line stopped short of the check-in hall of Terminal 2D/2E. Nevertheless, there’s only 1 path from here on anyway.

Heading for immigration at Terminal 2D.

My flight was departing from Gate D7. Great to see so little flights departing from this terminal, it’s like having a private airport.

This departure board which was in Terminal 2E is now redrawn into Terminal 2D’s boundaries with the additional partition. As such, Terminal 2E is now a domestic terminal.

Heading down the shops to Terminal 2D.

The one and only terminal section for international departures with 7 gates.

A travellator is provided for a speedier walk to the security point for the gates.

Security checks are conducted just before entering the gates area.

Heading to Gate D7 for my flight.

I actually quite like the walk to the gate as it has a very country club-feel to it, and each gate feels very private with it’s own standalone building.

Inside Gate D7. Seems like the seats have also been changed to the Terminal 3 type.

Could it be that this is my plane, parked at the aerobridge?

Another AirAsia plane parked at the aerobridge at Gate D6. Could it be true?

Once boarding calls were made, I guess it’s time to find out.

YES! No escalator ride downstairs. It’s an aerobridge score at Terminal 2.

Gate D7 is particularly “scary” since it’s beside the AirAsia bus park. What a close shave.

Boarding PK-AZI via the aerobridge.

The interior of Indonesia AirAsia’s Airbus A320-200.

The legroom on board Indonesia AirAsia’s Airbus A320-200.

The sunset view of the AirAsia buses from my window seat.

The view from my seat.

Once the sky darkened, it was finally time for pushback.

A nice sunset to end off this MRT Jakarta trip.

Taking off from Jakarta with a long view of Terminal 3.

Goodbye Jakarta.

Turning right towards Singapore with a view of Tangerang.

Once the seat belt signs were switched off, my meal was served. Really quick and efficient service right there. I opted for a rather Western option this time with a Roasted Chicken with Pesto Cream Sauce (S$4), and a “Max Your Meal” (S$3) with a Pasta Salad and Chocolate Muffin. A rather complete in-flight meal with a main, side, dessert and coffee, similar to full-service carriers.

My neatly-presented Roasted Chicken with Pesto Cream Sauce. The Pesto sauce and mash tasted like how I remembered it, but the chicken came with only three pieces. Hmm, wonder where the missing fourth piece went. Rather evident with the clear view of the bottom of the meal box on the top left hand corner. Nevertheless, a good main as usual.

The new Pasta Salad on the Max Your Meal menu. Hmm, seems smaller than the Potato Salad on AK flights. It was a little dry too, but the generous Pesto sauce from the main saved the day.

The Chocolate Muffin was rather good too, but not as moist as the AK Chocolate Banana Muffin version.

After the meal, I went for some duty-free shopping and got myself an AirAsia A320 Mini Brick Plane (similar to nanoblock) for Rp.120,000 (~S$11.54)

… and an AirAsia A320neo Keychain for Rp.35,000 (~S$3.37).

Flying over Batam with a thunderstorm brewing.

Flying over RAPID Pengerang.

Approaching Singapore from the northeast, passing by Pulau Tekong.

Landed at Changi Airport at 9.10pm, 5 minutes early.

Crossing over Airport Boulevard on South Cross to Terminal 4.

Parked at Gate G2. Hello, additional security screening.

Disembarking through the aerobridge straight into the additional security screening area. (No pictures of that, obviously.)

Heading for the long walk to arrival.

Heading down to arrivals.

The clear crowds at the automated immigration area.

Heading straight out as I have no check-in baggage.

Heading down to the underpass to get to the Terminal 4 bus stop.

From here, I caught SBSTransit Bus Service 24 to Tanah Merah MRT Station and continued on my way.

Overall, another great flight with Indonesia AirAsia. Despite getting a low fare for this MRT Jakarta trip, I spent more in ancillaries such as my meals and duty-free instead. Oops.

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