SHIA Railink from Sudirman Baru (BNI City) to SHIA Airport Railway Station by Airport Train

With a somewhat fruitful exploration of the MRT Jakarta, it was time to head back to Singapore. Yes, indeed I went to Jakarta solely for taking the MRT Jakarta and nothing else. From Blok M where I had my lunch, I headed back to Dukuh Atas BNI to catch the Railink from Sudirman Baru (BNI City) Railink Station to head back to the airport.

I followed the signs in Dukuh Atas BNI MRT Station towards Sudirman Baru (BNI City) Railink Station, which I would learn that it was the wrong way to get to the station.

The signs pointed to Exit A for the Sudirman Baru (BNI City) Railink Station.

Stairs only. No thanks.

I looked at the other side on Exit B.

Escalator. Okay, I’ll head up here.

Oops. This looks like the escalator way to Smart Hotel instead.

Looking back, I saw the Sudirman Baru (BNI City) Railink Station.

Okay, so Exit A is indeed geographically closest to Sudirman Baru (BNI City) Railink Station, but it’s only accessible by stairs.

The entrance to the sheltered path to Sudirman Baru (BNI City) Railink Station is at the usual ramp, rather than outside Exit A.

As such, it would be better to access the Sudirman KRL Station and Sudirman Baru (BNI City) Railink Station from Exit D instead.

Good job, wayfinding team of MRT Jakarta.

The view of Sudirman Baru (BNI City) Railink Station from Dukuh Atas BNI MRT Station Exit D.

Heading into the sheltered linkway.

Very clear new wayfinding signs by Transport for Jakarta – Forum Diskusi Transportasi Jakarta.

Walking into Sudirman Baru (BNI City) Railink Station via the completed sheltered path.

Well, almost.

The smooth paved path into Sudirman Baru (BNI City) Railink Station.

A departing empty Railink train bound for Manggarai.

New signs around tell of the new ticket counters at Level 1.

Heading up to Level 1.

The ticketing area of Sudirman Baru (BNI City) Railink Station is now at Level 1, just after the travellator ride up. I purchased my ticket from the manned counter as usual with my overseas credit card without a PIN.

For local credit cards with PINs, you can continue using the machines as per normal.

My ticket for the Railink ride from Sudirman Baru (BNI City) Railink Station to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

My receipt for the credit card transaction.

Heading to the ticket gates once boarding calls are made. With a regular 30-minute frequency now, it wasn’t too long of a wait.

Scanning my ticket at the ticket gates.

Heading down to the platform.

An arriving Railink train on the opposite platform.

New signs are also around the platform to show the Railink route.

Very clear signs for the route to the airport and other terminals. Great job Railink.

My Railink from Manggarai arriving about 5 minutes prior to the departure time.

Boarding the Railink train.

I picked the facing row of seats as usual for the direction change at Duri.

The interior of the Railink train.

Departing from Sudirman Baru (BNI City) Railink Station, and immediately entering Karet KRL Station. So technically, Karet, Sudirman Baru and Sudirman could be one extremely long platform.

Entering into Tanah Abang parallel with a Rangkasbitung/Maja/Parung Panjang/Serpong Line train.

Passing by Tanah Abang Locomotive Depot.

Entering Duri.

The contrast of the normal Tangerang Line and Railink is very apparent here.

The uncompleted Railink platforms of Duri Railink Station.

A train for Nambo departing from Duri on the other side.

Departing from Duri onto the Tangerang Line.

An incoming Loop Line train which followed behind my Railink train.

Passing by Pesing KRL Station with Ibis Budget Jakarta Daan Mogot in the background.

Along the way, it started to rain.

Leaving the main Tangerang Line to Batu Ceper Railink Station.

Making a brief stop at Batu Ceper Railink Station.

Heading off on the airport line proper.

Curving towards the airport perimeter.

The view of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport from the Railink.

Passing by AirAsia’s HQ.

Approaching SHIA Airport Railway Station.

Disembarking from the Railink.

Seems like provisions have already been made for longer Railink trains.

Heading down the platform to the exit.

Scanning my ticket at the ticket gate to exit.

Heading out of the Airport Railway Station.

Unfortunately, the self check-in kiosks in the Airport Railway Station were down, so I could not check-in for my AirAsia flight here.

Heading off to catch the Skytrain to Terminal 2 for my AirAsia flight back to Singapore.

Heading up the escalator to the Skytrain platform.

When I got up, the Skytrain was already at the station so I made a run for it to avoid waiting 13 minutes for the next train.

The interior of the Skytrain.

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures out of the window as I was stopped from taking photos in the Skytrain by the security personnel (which is also why this journey is integrated with this Railink post instead of my usual separate articles). I guess this is the end for Skytrain articles on RailTravel Station?

Heading out of Terminal 2 Skytrain Station to the Terminal 2 car park driveway.

Heading to Terminal 2 proper via the linkway.

Crossing the zebra crossing of the Terminal 2 arrival driveway to the terminal building.

Overall, another pleasant on-time ride with the Railink, but probably not for the Skytrain. I guess following Jakarta series would be slightly shorter with the elimination of the Skytrain transfer to and from the Airport Railway Station.

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  1. The Skytrain security personnel that you encountered may be on power trip though. I guess so. To be fair, I believe his reaction would have been different had you use less conspicuous cellphone instead of a camera.

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