Flight Review: Jetstar Asia 3K287 from Singapore to Medan by Airbus A320-200

Jetstar Asia 3K287 is a once-weekly flight from Singapore to Medan in the evening, possibly to cater to those heading home for the weekend while taking minimal leave from work. As the schedule worked out pretty well for a free-fare flight, I opted for this flight to head to Medan to cover the last remaining line to Siantar to successfully clear riding on all Divre I passenger lines.

As I would arrive quite late for check-in, I printed my boarding pass at home before heading to the airport. Thankfully, no further verification of my boarding pass was required and I could head straight to gate.

Heading to the transit area immediately with the impending departure of my flight.

Thankfully, the queue at immigration wasn’t long and I was through in less than 3 minutes.

Heading directly to the gate to catch my flight.

What luck to be assigned Gate D48, the last gate of the D pier of Terminal 1.

Finally arriving at the last gate hold room of the pier.

Looks like a Jetstar Asia gate hold room.

My plane was already parked at the gate, awaiting departure.

A pretty full flight to Medan this time.

Heading to board my flight to Medan.

9V-JSK on duty for my Jetstar Asia 3K287 flight from Singapore to Medan.

The view of the interior of Jetstar Asia’s Airbus A320-200 from my seat.

The legroom of Jetstar Asia’s Airbus A320-200.

The seat recline button is a little different, operated by a pull-trigger instead.

Parked beside a British Airways Airbus A380.

Pushing back from Terminal 1 at departure time.

Taxiing out of Terminal 1 with a view of Qatar Airways’ Airbus A350 at a remote stand.

It was a long taxi to the runway with the usual Changi jams.

Finally heading to the runway, with a view of the evening Changi jam behind.

Turning towards the runway.

The flight took off at 6.41pm, 26 minutes delayed from schedule due to the long taxi.

Flying past Pulau Ubin.

Heading up above the clouds.

Not much other shots of the flight this time as I was in the window seat without the need to use the toilet for this short flight, and the buy-on-board menu was rather expensive to review it.

Descending into Medan with the setting sun.

Flying past Araskabu Railway Station on approach into Kuala Namu International Airport.

Landed at Medan Kuala Namu International Airport precisely at 6.40pm – right on schedule.

Taxiing into the terminal.

Parked at the terminal beside an AirAsia flight from KL.

Disembarking from the aircraft with a final view of the interior of the plane.

Heading to the terminal via the aerobridge.

Heading for arrival immigration quickly in the hopes of catching a departing Railink.

Am I seeing this correctly?

Ah, what a disaster.

The queue for immigration took up pretty much the whole hall, but surprisingly moved quite fast. I guess it took around 20 minutes inclusive of immigration and customs queue later on.

After immigration and customs, I was finally out – with just a few minutes to spare for the next Railink. Could I make it?

Heading out of the arrivals area.

Heading straight for the Airport Railway Station hoping to catch the immediate departure of the Railink.

Would I make it for the immediate departure? Stay tuned to find out.

Overall, it was a cheap and simple flight with Jetstar Asia, and I got to Medan on time. As the only budget airline to fly between Singapore and Medan, it’s a monopoly for the low-cost market, but still did the job well nonetheless.


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