Jakarta SHIA Skytrain: Airport Railway Station to Terminal 2 by Train

Kalayang Railink T2 001

Coming in from my Railink from Manggarai, I headed on to the Skytrain station to continue on my way to Terminal 2 to check-in for my Jetstar Asia flight back to Singapore.

Kalayang Railink T2 002

Heading up the escalator to the platform.

Kalayang Railink T2 003

The island platform of Airport Railway Station Skytrain station.

Kalayang Railink T2 004

I had just missed a train to Terminal 2, so instead of waiting at the station for another 9 minutes, I just hopped on to the same train going to Terminal 1 and bounce back with it.

Kalayang Railink T2 005

The arriving Skytrain to Terminal 1 which I’m going to joyride on.

Kalayang Railink T2 006

The interior of the Skytrain.

Kalayang Railink T2 007

The Skytrain is still manually driven despite having opened 2 years ago in a “temporary” mode.

Kalayang Railink T2 008

Departing from Airport Railway Station.

Kalayang Railink T2 009

Passing by the Skytrain depot.

Kalayang Railink T2 010

At Terminal 2, I took the escalator up from the platform to the new linkbridge.

Kalayang Railink T2 011

Continuing on to the linkbridge.

Kalayang Railink T2 012

Taking the travellator down.

Kalayang Railink T2 013

The linkbridge looks great, but would be nicer if travellators continued on the flat portion of the bridge.

Kalayang Railink T2 014Kalayang Railink T2 015

Heading down the escalator to the terminal building.

Kalayang Railink T2 016Kalayang Railink T2 017

This time, the door directly into the terminal building is finally up, and I headed in to go check-in for my Jetstar Asia flight.

Overall, I was quite surprised I didn’t get stopped for photos this time, but it might also be because my shots were done fast enough and I was going to board the train already. But nevertheless, I did this just to get better pictures with my DSLR rather than relying on my GoPro shots on the previous journey, so that’s a success. As the Skytrain ride is rather simple, I may just be skipping taking any photos of it from now on, unless there’s something new to update, hopefully with the automation of the line.


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