Jetbus from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) to klia2 and KLIA by Bus

Jetbus TBS KLIA2 01

From the very familiar Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS), KLIA and klia2 airport connectivity is also available not just only from the expensive KLIA Transit airport train but also by Jetbus, allowing a pre-airport airport experience, cheaper long-term parking and connectivity from long-distance buses coming from everywhere in Malaysia, Southern Thailand and Singapore.

Jetbus TBS KLIA2 02

Tickets for the Jetbus can be purchased from any TBS counter or kiosk like a normal ticket.

Jetbus TBS KLIA2 03

My ticket from TBS to klia2. Tickets for this journey cost RM11.

The Jetbus leaves every 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the time of the day. Check schedules here.

You can also book Jetbus tickets online at Easybook.

Jetbus TBS KLIA2 04Jetbus TBS KLIA2 05Jetbus TBS KLIA2 06

The Jetbus ready for departure at TBS Gate 12.

Contrary to the route info on the bus, Jetbus plies the TBS – klia2 – KLIA route and vice-versa.

Jetbus TBS KLIA2 07

The interior of the 40-seater bus. If given a choice for 2+2 seater buses, pick the company that has 40 seats rather than 44 as this means that one row of 4 seats is missing and thus there’s more legroom.

Jetbus TBS KLIA2 08

The Jetbus at klia2. The journey from TBS to klia2 took around 45 minutes at night with no traffic jam. You should factor in a 75 minute journey in case of any jams if you have an actual flight to catch though.

Jetbus TBS KLIA2 09

If you are travelling from klia2 to TBS instead, you can purchase tickets on the spot at the centralised ticketing counters for RM11.

Jetbus TBS KLIA2 10

If you are travelling from KLIA to TBS instead, you can purchase tickets on the spot at the Jetbus counter for RM11.

Why should you take the Jetbus over the KLIA Transit train from Bandar Tasik Selatan?

The KLIA Transit from Bandar Tasik Selatan takes 29 minutes to KLIA and 32 minutes to klia2, whereas the Jetbus takes around 60 minutes to KLIA and 45 minutes to klia2. However, the Jetbus costs just RM11 as compared to the ridiculously high fare of RM38.40 which is about 3.5 times more, and could actually get you an air ticket with an AirAsia RM0 promotion with the Passenger Service Charge (PSC) or “airport tax” at RM35 for flights to ASEAN countries. Moreover, the Jetbus guarantees you a seat throughout the journey and does not make any additional stops in between. If you can spare an additional half an hour to be early for your airport transfer, you can save RM27.40 per person.

You can also book Jetbus tickets online at Easybook.

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