KLIA Ekspres Wave & Save Promotion with Visa payWave: KL Sentral to KLIA by Train

I chose to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Phnom Penh by Malindo Air/Batik Air Malaysia as even without factoring meals and baggage allowance, the total fare was already cheaper than other airlines flying on the same route. And since I’m flying with Malindo, I decided to check-in at the KL City Air Terminal (CAT) after breakfast for my flight, this time, with the KLIA Ekspres Wave & Save Promotion with Visa payWave.

Remember the hiccup the last time I wanted to try getting on the KLIA Ekspres with this promotion and failed miserably?

Well, ERL now has a solution to this – flash your Visa payWave card to the staff member at the counter by the gates to the KL CAT and he or she will open the manual gate for you to enter.

The manual gates are to the left of the counter.

Once in, remember to head to the x-ray machines first to get your bags checked.

Once done, proceed for check-in as usual.

To exit the KL CAT, inform the staff again who will open the manual gate for you.

Once out, proceed straight ahead to the departure platform.

Find the fare gate with a Visa payWave reader to access the departure platform.

Tap into the system with your Visa payWave.

You will see this message as the fare gates open for you to enter.

Proceed down to the platform as per normal.

My boarding pass for my Malindo Air/Batik Air Malaysia OD580 flight to Phnom Penh.

There was an immediate departure on the older Siemens Desiro train set, but I decided to wait for the next train in hopes of getting the new CRRC Changchun train set.

Unfortunately, the next train was also the Siemens Desiro train set, but I opted to get on board anyway because making my flight was more important. Also, with this older train, I know that my bag will also make it to the airport as the new CRRC Changchun train set does not have a luggage compartment for checked-in bags from KL CAT (XKL).

I opted to sit in my favourite area as usual.

The typical interior of the other parts of the train.

The new CRRC Changchun train set for the KLIA Transit service pulling in at the KLIA Transit platform.

Bye KL – one of my fastest visits to the city yet.

Passing by Terminal Bersepadu Selatan where I got into KL from about just 2 hours ago.

Passing by Putrajaya & Cyberjaya ERL Station.

The KLIA Ekspres Wave & Save Promotion with Visa payWave advertisement flashed on the TV screens on board. This is currently the cheapest possible KLIA Ekspres single trip option if you are travelling alone.

A KLIA Ekspres Siemens Desiro train set stabling outside the depot.

The new CRRC Changchun KLIA Ekspres train set resting at the depot. Looks like both KLIA Ekspres train sets were not operating this morning – luckily I didn’t wait for the third or fourth train set at KL Sentral.

Approaching KLIA.

The baggage compartment with the ramp in place to offload the checked-in bags at KLIA.

Once at the fare gates, tap out with the same Visa payWave card.

The final fare of RM46.75 after the 15% discount will be charged here at the exit gate.

Overall, the KLIA Ekspres Wave & Save Promotion with Visa payWave is a fair deal and an actual discount without shortchanging on the terms and conditions (unlike other promotions offering additional promo codes but stinging on the fare discounts). If you are a solo traveler or traveling in a pair while the Group Saver or Family Package is on sale and making use of the KL CAT facilities at KL Sentral, the KLIA Ekspres Wave & Save Promotion with Visa payWave is the best choice for you.

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