KA Sri Lelawangsa U77: Binjai to Medan by Train (Feeder Putri Deli)

Sri Lelawangsa U78 Medan Binjai Ekonomi 032

Arriving on the super crowded platform of Binjai Railway Station, I headed back to Medan on the same train that I had arrived from, lest the crowds get even more heavy for the following trains.

Purchasing my ticket from the ticket counter. The additional door to the platform was opened to let alighting passengers out of the station slightly more easily.

Heading back into the platform through the ticket checking counter.

My ticket for the Sri Lelawangsa U77 from Binjai back to Medan.

Heading to the front portion of the train to spot the locomotive coupling first, and away from the crowds near the station entrance.

BB 302 70 04 approaching to couple with the rake.

With the couplement, the KA Sri Lelawangsa U77 is formed.

I managed to get on the normal Ekonomi coach beside the KMP3, which the on board staff did not allow anyone to enter the empty coach despite the overcrowding. Perhaps the P in KMP3 among Divre I jokes is true after all.

Departing from Binjai Railway Station.

Standing by the door on an overcrowded borders is not very fun.

Approaching Medan with the view of the future Podomoro City Deli Medan in the background.

The borders situation on a Sunday evening.

Crossing over Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan with a view of what’s most easily found in Medan – Texas Chicken.

Passing by the preserved DSM 38 steam locomotive outside Medan Railway Station.

Arriving at Platform 1.

Disembarking from the Sri Lelawangsa.

The destination plate on the side of the coaches remain as KA Putri Deli.

BB 302 70 04 decoupling from the rake to run around to form the next run to Binjai.

Lots of people on the overhead bridge watching the train operations.

Heading out of the station.

BB 302 70 04 heading back to the northern end of station to couple with the same rake to Binjai.

Overall, it was a rather different experience this time with the overcrowded Sri Lelawangsa trains, but I guess a Sunday evening commute back to another city is the same anywhere in the world. I’ll probably save the on-board space for real commuters the next time I plan to joyride.

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