KCI Tangerang Line & Loop Line: Batu Ceper to Sudirman by KRL Train

From the Batu Ceper Railink Station confusion, I managed to get onto the Tangerang-bound platform of Batu Ceper KRL Station just in time to witness my KRL train for Duri arriving in front of my eyes.

Will I make it?

Since I was already in the paid area, as I approached the gates to exit the Tangerang-bound platform, the staff asked me where I came from and my intention. Once he was sure that I was an honest Railink passenger, he let me out without any question and I proceeded to head to the railway crossing to hopefully sprint in time to catch my train for Duri.

Once across, I was rather surprised that I could technically board the train immediately as the 12-car train was longer than the paid area on the platform. Not trying to evade fares and to avoid any complications to my fare upon exit later, I continued to run ahead to tap in at the fare gates into the KRL system.

Quickly boarding the train at the first door after the turnstiles. Thank you conductor for holding the train for an extra few seconds for me.

The interior of the Tokyu 8500 series (東急8000系電車). I’m on formation 8003F, the first Tokyu 8500 series set to be formed of 12 cars. This set has grown from the original formation of 5 cars in Japan to 8 cars when it first operated on the KRL network, and now it’s been further lengthened to 12 cars. I’m sure the Japanese would be glad to know that their old trains are being taken good care of in Indonesia.

Not a clear view out of the window from the Tokyu 8500 series though, with the additional tinted PT KAI stickers pasted on.

Despite the now-reduced frequency of the Tangerang Line, the lengthened trains does help slightly with the crowding on board the train, and I was able to get a seat from boarding all the way to Duri.

Once at Duri, I headed up to the concourse to change platforms for my Depok/Bogor-bound train on the Loop Line to get to Sudirman.

Crossing over the tracks via the newly refurbished concourse of Duri.

Heading down to the Depok/Bogor-bound platform.

A train was already waiting at the platform, and I quickly ran to the next car in order to find an empty space to board.

The interior of the JR East 205 series ex-Nambu Line (国鉄205系電車南武線). As Nambu Line train sets originally came in 6-car sets, most of them were simply combined to form a 12-car train (6+6 car). My train is formed of 205-20F+205-87F. However, some sets are also formed of 8+4 cars, with spare trailer cars of JR East 205 series ex-Yokohama Line inserted in the set of 8 cars, possibly to provide flexibility of 8- or 12-car operations in future when needed.

Getting off at Sudirman, just 3 stations away from Duri. I arrived at Sudirman at 10.22am, making the journey time from Batu Ceper to Sudirman, including the transfer at Duri, 50 minutes. Considering the journey time as compared with the direct Railink, this combination is 16 minutes slower.

My train heading on to either Depok or Bogor. Sorry, wasn’t paying attention to the announcements since I didn’t need to.

The high-rise buildings of Jakarta city can be seen from Sudirman station.

The exit to my hotel was on the other side of the tracks at the Angke/Jatinegara-bound platform.

Heading up to the concourse to cross over to the other platform.

The main upper level exit which I’m not using.

Heading to the side exit.

The fare from Batu Ceper to Sudirman costs me just Rp.3,000 (~S$0.29). Compared with the difference in Railink fares from the airport, this combination costs Rp35,000 + Rp.3,000 = Rp.38,000, while the direct Railink train to Sudirman Baru would cost Rp.70,000, making it almost half the cost. In fact, this combination would technically make the trains cheaper than the direct DAMRI bus.

If compared with the journey between Batu Ceper and Sudirman/Sudirman Baru, the Railink costs Rp.35,000, making the KRL more than 11 times cheaper than the Railink.

Would you spare 16 minutes* of additional travelling time to halve your train ticket cost to or from the airport?

*This is a personal time taken on this trip only and is subject to transfer waiting times. I don’t claim to fix an additional travelling time.

Overall, this combination worked out perfectly to get to the city mainly because I wasn’t rushing for anything yet but also with the cheap fare and ability to take more trains around Jakarta. I would totally do this combination again if I have no tight schedules to meet.

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