SHIA Railink: Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to Batu Ceper by Airport Train

With the really early scheduled arrival of my Jetstar Asia 3K201 flight from Singapore, I was in no hurry to get to the city at all. As such, I opted to try a slower combination to get to Sudirman using the KRL as a backbone. While there are no local KRL services to Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, I opted for the next best alternative – to get to the nearest KRL station from the airport at Batu Ceper and transfer to the KRL from there.

As I had sufficient value in my bank card for the Rp.35,000 (~S$3.33) fare to Batu Ceper, I could use the self-service kiosks to purchase my ticket without the need to use my credit card.

My ticket for the short 12-minute ride from SHIA to Batu Ceper. Railink seems to have removed the 10-minute cap for purchasing tickets, and I bought my ticket for my train which was due to depart in less than 6 minutes.

As my train was ready for boarding with staff calling out for passengers, I headed straight to the gates.

Scanning my ticket at the fare gate.

Quickly boarding my Railink train from the first door as departure was imminent.

The interior of my Railink train with a BCA interior advertisement.

Departing from SHIA Airport Railway Station.

Skirting around the western airport perimeter.

Seems like a new road or highway is being built beside the airport railway alignment.

Approaching the main Tangerang Line heading into Batu Ceper.

Arriving at Batu Ceper.

The journey from SHIA to Batu Ceper took exactly 12 minutes.

The slim side platforms at Batu Ceper make bypassing the escalator shaft difficult, and you could only possibly safely do so when the train has departed. Even getting off the door positioned at the escalator shaft would prove difficult with the space between the train and the shaft around 1 tile wide only.

The space is slightly wider on the other non-track side of the platform, though it still isn’t very functional for an airport railway where passengers may be carrying luggage.

Heading up the escalator to exit the station.

Scanning my ticket at the exit turnstiles.

I asked the staff where to exit for the KRL, and he told me to go back down to the platform again and use the walkway to the KRL station, and proceeded to let me in through the turnstiles again. Whut.

Heading to the Batu Ceper KRL station by this not very obvious walkway.

As quite a few minutes had been wasted to go up to the gates and down again, I was practically running from here to catch the KRL train to Duri as the gap for departure of the Railink train to the next immediate KRL departure was only 5 minutes, if not I had to wait another 30 minutes for the next train. And the Tangerang Line doesn’t get delayed at all.


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