KLIA Ekspres Combined Service from KL Sentral to klia2 by KLIA Transit Train Set

KLIA Ekspres Combined Service: KL Sentral to klia2 by KLIA Transit Train Set

The 10-day Revenge Travel Semenanjung Malaysia VTL Trip is coming to and end very quickly, and I found myself back at KL Sentral to catch the KLIA Ekspres Combined Service in the early morning of the 10th day to head to klia2 to catch my AirAsia VTL Flight AK711 back to Singapore. The KLIA Ekspres operates a “combined service”, which is a nice and premium way of saying “no express only transit”.

I had purchased my return ticket from the KLIA Ekspres App for a 10% discount when I first arrived at klia2, which makes my return ticket RM90.

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I had planned to take the KLIA Ekspres Combined Service since the start, even if I had managed to secure a cheaper form of transport from klia2 10 days ago, as I needed the assurance of getting to klia2 on time to catch my AirAsia VTL Flight AK711 back to Singapore, otherwise, an alternative would cost me a 7-day quarantine.

KL Sentral

Heading down the escalator to the platform with a KLIA Transit train set waiting.

Reluctantly pushing the button to open the doors as I step off the platform of KL Sentral into the train, marking the first step in the process of leaving KL.

The interior of the KLIA Transit CRRC Changchun Equator EMU operating on the KLIA Ekspres Combined Service.

Departing from KL Sentral on time at 7.30am at speed.

Passing by Simpang Pelabuhan Klang.

Passing by Midvalley which I did not manage to visit on this trip.

The sight of goodbye of KL with the skyline at Sempang Airport or Bandar Malaysia.

Approaching Bandar Tasik Selatan with the Bandar Tasik Selatan Railway Station beside.

Bandar Tasik Selatan

Making a brief stop at Bandar Tasik Selatan.

Passing by Sungai Besi LRT and MRT Stations.

Passing by Serdang Railway Station.

Phototaking was a bit of a hassle this time round with the already unclear refraction of the CRRC Changchun Equator EMU windows, combined with more dust and sediment from the December 2021 Central Malaysia floods, and the shut down of water supply at Salak Tinggi depot.

But no matter, the train is still moving while some roads remain shut, and I’d rather be in a moving train.

Splitting off the KTM track alignment after Serdang Railway Station.

Passing under the future MRT Putrajaya Line viaducts before entering Putrajaya & Cyberjaya.

Putrajaya & Cyberjaya

Passing by the most-likely failed Putrajaya Monorail interchange at Putrajaya & Cyberjaya now that the future MRT Putrajaya Line viaducts are blocking the Putrajaya Monorail route out of the station.

Putrajaya Sentral MRT Station is located beside Putrajaya & Cyberjaya ERL Station.

Passing by Salak Tinggi depot.

Lots of train sets parked in Salak Tinggi depot, with only 2 train sets operating on this hourly combined service frequency.

Salak Tinggi

Making a brief stop at Salak Tinggi.

Some houses in Sepang were still submerged after the flooding the night before.

Approaching KLIA.

Passing by the former KLIA Transit platforms at KLIA.

Making a brief 2-minute stop at KLIA before continuing on to klia2.

In the combined service, trains to klia2 use Platform B and trains to KL Sentral use Platform A, with trains utilising the points at the former turnback sidings (now main line) to change tracks between KLIA and klia2.

Personally, I think this arrangement should be retained when KLIA Ekspres services have been properly reinstated to avoid any confusion on direction and service at KLIA’s bi-directional service-segregated platforms.

Speeding on to klia2.

Entering klia2.

The KLIA Ekspres Combined Service from KL Sentral to klia2 took 40 minutes, making stops at all stations.

If you still don’t understand it by now, let me spell it out for you. The KLIA Ekspres Combined Service is exactly the same train and service as the KLIA Transit.

Heading out of the fare gates by scanning the ticket QR code.

Heading up the escalator to departures.

I’m not sure if it’s a morning thing, but gateway@klia2 was really dead. The only thing opened along my walk was FamilyMart.


This marks the very last train ride I will be taking on Revenge Travel Semenanjung. From here, I continued on to the departure hall to check-in for my AirAsia VTL Flight AK711 back to Singapore.

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  1. Just curious why the KL>Singapore flights are so expensive during Feb & March and drop to 1/4 the rate in April.
    Is there a restricted occupancy ? Looks like the Malaysian government is watching the rest of the world opening up and tourists may be able to rely on FOMO…lol

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