Kluang RailCoffee: Refreshed for the better?

The ever-popular Kluang RailCoffee‘s flagship outlet at Kluang Railway Station has been renovated during the fasting month and reopened in July.

Among the typical renovation tasks such as new paint and new furniture, Kluang RailCoffee now has a new hipster chalkboard as a menu, and new cooked items such as Johor Laksa and Mee Soto. You can now also get waffles and french fries if you really wanted to.

The outside area is now also spaced out with standardised table sizes. No need to shuffle to get into a seat now.

A more extensive menu board is written outside. This features their official Facebook page and new drinks such as Milo “Dinasour” and 3 Layer Tea/Kopi.

Food-wise? The quality, sad to say, has dropped tremendously.

The roti bun tasted a little puffy, as if it hasn’t been toasted enough. To bring the description further, I would say that it tasted machine-toasted in fact. I didn’t look into the kitchen to have this verified though.

The telur kampung or kampung eggs didn’t look as fresh as before too. Notice the very-liquefied egg white versus the nicely cooked part wrapping around the yolk. It even looks machine-boiled.

Good thing it still tasted like egg.

I didn’t get a picture of the kopi ais but it was terrible. Didn’t taste a lot like the coffee before. Tasted like instant coffee, to be exact. Or maybe it is.

No change to the Nasi Lemak though, good as ever. Probably stuck with the same supplier.

Kluang RailCoffee is still in Kluang Railway Station, but this place seems to be just for nostalgia rather than good food like before. But with the hipster menus and hipster photos on their Facebook page, only time will tell if they can maintain their image as we all know it or just move on with the times.

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