Korean Train eXpress (KTX) Exhibition at Nu Sentral

The Korea Rail Network Authority (KRNA) is the leader of the Korean Consortium vying for the Singapore – Kuala Lumpur High Speed Rail Project. For this purpose, they have set up a Korean Train eXpress (KTX) exhibition hall at Nu Sentral.

The exhibition is held at Lot 08 and 09, Level 1 of Nu Sentral.

In the exhibition, visitors can find information on the existing KTX in South Korea.

Interactive displays also provide insights into the latest railway technologies for construction, systems, rolling stock and train station development.

There is also a 4D Theatre which sits 6 visitors, with shows running every half an hour (refer to actual schedule when visiting). The 4D show provides a multi-sensory overall KTX experience.

There is also a train simulator, though not very accurate to drive. You are able to “drive” the KTX from “Putrajaya station” to “Kuala Lumpur station”.

The exhibition will run for about a year, and is open from 10am to 10pm. Admission is free.


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