KTM Komuter Timetable (15 December 2015)

Click here to visit the KTM Komuter section.

The KTM Komuter timetable will be changed on 15 December 2015 for 6 months on a trial basis, with services rerouted to the Batu Caves – Gemas and Tanjung Malim – Pelabuhan Klang sectors.

Listed below are the updated timetables from KTM’s website. As the KTM website is currently undergoing changes, the links keep getting broken every few days. If the links don’t work, please bear for a moment and I will rectify it when possible. The links hosted below are beyond my control. Click the links to view the timetable.

For more information, please visit the new KTM Komuter section here.

Click here to visit the KTM Komuter section.


  1. Ni nk complaint on behalf penumpang.. Kita da buat research dan feedback from penumpang mmg sgt tidak memuaskan. Especially dari tanjung malim – rawang – tanjung malim.. Saya difahamkan tambang da naik, dgn alasan da lame tak naik start 1/4/2015(gst).. Ini bukan alasannya.. Klau nak naik boleh tapi jangan sampai mencekik darah.. Some place naik 50% some place 60%.. Utk ape minta duit rakyat kalau service mcm siput.. Train dari KL da 3biji tp dari tanjung malim ke rawang bayang2 pon tak nampak.. Tolong pergunakan duit yang kami beri dengan sewajarnye.. Jangan mnggunakan duit kami atas ingin membuncitkan perut masing2(pekerja ktm)..

  2. I am travelling in January 2016. I want to know the best train to take from Sentral station in KL to Taiping at the shortest travelling time. Where and how can I find the time table on line? Thank you.

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