Mela Railway Station

Mela Railway Station is a railway station located in Mela, Pahang, right in the middle of Kampung Mela. During the last stage of operations before track rehabilitation works, Mela operated as a railway halt. Mela Railway Station reopened on 21 February to serve the new Shuttle Timuran 35dn/38up operating with 61 Class DMUs.

Account of Mela Railway Station by Aqiel via email:

The current station building is actually the second incarnation of Mela Station. The first building was burnt down by communists during the Malayan Emergency (not sure about the specific year). The foundations of the original building are still clearly visible today and part of it has been turned into a warung. The foundations of the original building are much larger compared to the newer building.

The current building hasn’t really been used properly after the discontinuation of services and someone is currently using it as a place to hang their laundry.
The office room has been locked shut for over a decade now I think although there is a window through which you can take a peek of the inside. There seems to be some abandoned gizmo inside it.

In the past, Mela used to have a loop line but that has been torn out a long time ago and no traces of it remain. There used to also be a few telegraph poles but that has been taken down (or collapsed) a few years back.

One thing I would like to highlight about this station is how well kept the classic black and white station sign is. The last time I visited in June, the sign looked as if it had just been given a fresh coat of paint. Kudos to whoever is maintaining the sign.

Mela Railway Station Details

Address: Kampung Durian Anggang, 27020 Jerantut, Pahang, Malaysia
Owner: Railway Assets Corporation (RAC)
Operator: KTM Berhad
Platform Level: Ground
Platform Layout: Single Side Platform
Opened: –

Mela Railway Station Train Services

Station Layout

GF: Shelter, Train Platform


Platform: Passenger Platform


Key Station Amenities


Exit: Dewan Orang Ramai Kampung Mela, SJK(C) Mela, SRJK(C) Mela, Masjid Mela

Public Transport Connections


There are no bus services in Mela.


There are no taxi services in Mela.


Grab is not available in Mela.

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