KTM Distribution (Kiriman Ekspres) Closing Down On 1 November 2022

KTM Distribution (Kiriman Ekspres) Terminating Operations From 1 November 2022

KTM Distribution Sdn. Bhd. (Kiriman Ekspres) will be terminating its operations with effect from 1 November 2022. The cessation of operations is in line with KTM Distribution’s restructuring exercise. This was announced by KTM Distribution on their Facebook page on 30 September 2022.

The last date for parcel drop off at the KTM Distribution counter is on 7 October 2022 and there will be no parcel drop off at the KTM Distribution counter after 7 October 2022. KTM Distribution customers are advised to make the necessary arrangements at the soonest and before the deadline.

Source: KTM Distribution

KTM Distribution (Kiriman Ekspres) Memberhentikan Operasinya Bermula 1 November 2022

KTM Distribution Sdn. Bhd. (Kiriman Ekspres) akan memberhentikan operasinya bermula 1 November 2022. Pemberhentian operasi ini adalah selaras dengan langkah penstrukturan semula KTM Distribution.

Tarikh akhir bagi serahan di kaunter (drop off) Cawangan KTM Distribution adalah pada 7 Oktober 2022 dan serahan di kaunter KTM Distribution tidak diterima selepas tarikh tersebut. Pelanggan KTM Distribution dinasihati membuat aturan dengan kadar segera sebelum tarikh akhir.

Source: KTM Distribution

My memories of KTM Distribution (Kiriman Ekspres)

I first knew of KTM Distribution as the Kiriman Ekspres Parcel Van (PV) attached on night and mail KTM Intercity trains during the 1990s and 2000s. This was a unique service to me when I was a kid and teenager as motorcycles could be carried on board the train, among other large items.

With the demise of PVs and KTM Intercity train services on electrified lines in general, KTM Distribution services transitioned into trucks.

With the impending closure of KTM Distribution, it looks like the designated “PV” space on board the KTM 61 Class DMU operating on Shuttle Timuran local train services on the East Coast Line will not be fully utilised.

Perhaps I’m part of the problem that KTM Distribution is facing as I have only been a KTM Distribution customer once ever, during the COVID-19 pandemic. I used KTM Distribution to send my items from Malaysia to Singapore during the COVID-19 border restrictions.

KTM Distribution is almost never the first choice anyone thinks of when shipping items domestically in Malaysia or from Malaysia to Singapore.

The closure of KTM Distribution is an end of an era for train services in Malaysia, as the sole provider of courier services by a train company is gone from 1 November 2022. Competition is stiff in the courier business in Malaysia, and consumers now have plenty of options to choose from with delivery to almost all parts of Malaysia.

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