Lounge Review – Sama-Sama Express Lounge KLIA: Revisited

With my Malindo Business Class ticket, I had another chance to revisit the Sama-Sama Express Lounge KLIA in the Satellite Building to relax before my flight. It certainly beats the KLIA Premier Access Lounge in the Public Area anyway, maybe the offerings will be better this time.

The lobby area of the lounge. The counter also functions as the front desk of the Sama-Sama Express KLIA Airside Transit Hotel.

The interior of the lounge. Still dimly lit with no view of the outside.

The drinks have thankfully been changed to the more familiar Bandung and Orange Juice instead of fruit-infused water the last time.

The food spread in the lounge.

The appetisers and desserts spread is still as confusing as before.

My dinner for the day. Fried Rice with sides of Tuna Puffs, Egg Mayo on Cucumber, Ham and Green Olives. Certainly not 5-star standard but it keeps you full I guess.

Time for a quick shower before the flight.

Hmm, lesser amenities this time. But maybe it was because there weren’t many people in the lounge.

Still love this simple but logical wet and dry areas in each shower cubicle.

The “dry” changing area in the cubicle.

The “wet” area in the shower where you, well, shower.

The sink area is also a lot cleaner than last time.

Overall, similar to the previous visit, since it was a free lounge visit with my RM109.10 Business Class ticket, I guess I don’t really have any grounds to complain. But given the low entry rate of just RM55 nett per person, this is actually an affordable lounge offering a reasonable quality of amenities.

If you plan to pay for the usage of this lounge as an economy passenger, it costs just RM55 nett per person for 3 hours of usage, which actually makes it a very affordable airport lounge to rest and relax in.

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