Flight Review: Malindo Air/Batik Air Malaysia OD805 from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore by Business Class

As quickly as the sale season started, I was down to my last Malindo Business Class ticket for my trip back to Singapore. Having enjoyed the premiums, I’m probably going to miss the convenience and experience of high-flying. Hopefully I don’t get used to this though, or else my wallet will cry.

Having checked-in at KL Sentral already before boarding the KLIA Ekspres, I headed straight for immigration and thereafter to my lounge visit.

I’m going to miss this VIP immigration queue the most too, especially when the queues at KLIA are sometimes on par with JB’s Bangunan Sultan Iskandar when there are many flights arriving together.

After clearing immigration in less than a minute, I hopped onto the Aerotrain to get to the Satellite Terminal where the Sama-Sama Express Lounge KLIA is.

The route map of the Aerotrain in case you get confused by the only stop it serves from here.

The Aerotrain arriving at the Main Terminal Building station.

In case of train breakdown, please call the number as attached beside the door or give Malaysia Airports a shout out on Twitter or Facebook.

The interior of the Aerotrain.

A Vietnam Airlines Airbus A321 taxiing above the Aerotrain’s tracks.

Passing under the tarmac.

Passing by the opposing Aerotrain.

Arriving at the Satellite Terminal station.

From here, it’s a short walk to the Sama-Sama Express Lounge KLIA.

Click here to read about my Sama-Sama Express Lounge KLIA visit.

After my dinner and shower, I headed back to the Main Terminal Building almost just in time for my flight.

I think I’m one of the last few passengers to arrive at the gate. Whoops.

Yup, everyone seems to be on board already.

Boarding Malindo on Business Class for the last time.

9M-LCM is on duty today for my flight.

When I first sat down, the Boeing Sky Interior was turned to a blue shade.

Shortly after, it turned purple. Hmm, a mini light show going on for my last Business Class ride?

Moments before the doors are armed.

A short while after, it turned green.

And thereafter a peach colour. Looks like Malindo is giving me a colourful send-off.

Bye aerobridge.

Before the cabin lights were dimmed, it turned to blue and slowly darkened from there.

The last light to be on before the cabin was in darkness.


The sky Boeing Sky Interior returned to peach after the seat belt signs were switched off.

My last pizza meal on board Malindo Business Class. Even the plating when taken out of the box had some thought into it by the stewardess.

More light variants after my meal, this time an off-white colour.

Followed by an orangey-purple mix. Representing Malindo’s or Batik Air’s colours perhaps?

Singapore from above.

Dimming the cabin lights again for arrival.

Landed at Changi Airport.

Last views from my Business Class seat.

Goodbye my favourite Seat 3A.

Goodbye Malindo, and thank you.

Heading back out for arrival immigration and to collect my bags with the priority tag for the last time.

Thank you Malindo Air for giving commoners a once in a lifetime chance to spam buy your Business Class tickets. Till I can actually afford to pay RM599 for your real fares. (But then I might use that money to Scoot to Athens or Berlin instead, sorry.)

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