Maju Bus Service 227: Larkin Sentral to JB Sentral by Bus

Maju 227 Larkin JBS 001

Maju Bus Service 227 is one of a few public bus services that travels from Larkin Sentral to JB Sentral. Rather than getting a direct Causeway Link bus from Larkin Sentral into Singapore, I had bought a Shuttle Tebrau ticket in advance as “insurance” to skip the jams. With my arrival time, and checking on Google Maps for the Causeway jam, I decided that the Shuttle Tebrau ticket should be used.

Maju 227 Larkin JBS 002

Heading through the Stage Bus Departure Hall, the Maju Bus Service 227 was already waiting there.

Maju 227 Larkin JBS 003

The view of the Maju Bus Service 227 from my seat.

Maju 227 Larkin JBS 004

My ticket for the Maju Bus Service 227. Tickets cost RM1.70 (~S$0.56) to JB Sentral, with the fare to be dropped into the fare box. No change is given by the bus company, so be sure to provide exact change, or donate a few extra cents to Maju.

Maju 227 Larkin JBS 005

Departing from Larkin Sentral.

Maju 227 Larkin JBS 006

Passing by Kompleks Kastam Imigresen Dan Kuarantin Sultan Iskandar from the back.

Maju 227 Larkin JBS 007

Turning into JB Sentral.

The journey on the Maju Bus Service 227 from Larkin Sentral to JB Sentral took 13 minutes.

Maju 227 Larkin JBS 008

Alighting from the Maju Bus Service 227. The Maju Bus Service 227 bus will continue on to Kota Tinggi, where it terminates.

Maju 227 Larkin JBS 009

Heading out of the bus platforms.

Maju 227 Larkin JBS 010

Here, I headed up by the familiar escalators to JB Sentral Railway Station to wait for my Shuttle Tebrau train.

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