Flight Review – Malaysia Airlines MH609: Kuala Lumpur to Singapore (from Yangon) by Boeing 737-800

Coming in from my flight from Yangon and checking on my onward flight’s gate, I got on the Aerotrain from the Main Terminal Building to the Satellite Terminal for Gate C6 for my Malaysia Airlines MH609 flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.

I did consider getting the bus, but with not many people waiting on the platform, I just got the train instead.

The interior of the Aerotrain.

Gate C6 is on the pier where the Aerotrain tracks are, so it’s a short hop away.

Despite there being only 3 gates on this pier, it was still quite a long walk ahead.

Gate C6 is at the end of the pier.

Inside the gate hold room of Gate C6.

My plane to Singapore this evening.

In typical KLIA style, the remarks transitioned from Gate Closing to Gate Closed, even when some passengers strolled into the gate and the aircraft wasn’t ready for boarding yet.

Heading down the aerobridge.

Boarding my flight to Singapore.

The legroom available on board.

Despite the IFE being switched on and fully functional, headsets were not provided on this flight.

The interior of the plane.

After the safety video was played, the lights were switched to the Boeing Sky Interior blue colour.

During the flight, a pack of peanuts along with a pre-cupped orange juice was served. An additional drink of water can be requested from the crew during the service.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes the service of Malaysia Airlines on this flight.

Despite reading reviews of the last Malaysia Airlines flight of the day being parked at the remote stand, I got to use the aerobridge instead, which is great.

Unfortunately though, the plane was parked at the last gate of the finger pier. Oh well, a walk through the terminal is still better than catching the bus.

Heading down for arrival immigration and to get my bags.

Overall, it was a simple and fuss-free flight, perhaps too simple for a full-service airline. But nevertheless, with my previous experiences here and here, I wouldn’t expect much from MH any more.

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