Flight Review – Malindo Air/Batik Air Malaysia OD807: Kuala Lumpur to Singapore by Business Class

During the Malindo Business Class sale, I did buy more than one ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. So here I am, back at KLIA once again.

After coming in by the KLIA Ekspres and a light lunch at the KLIA Premier Access Lounge, I headed off for immigration and my gate, H8.

H8 is located at the Main Terminal Building itself, so it’s just a short walk from immigration.

Not much crowd for security screening, since the gate was now serving just one flight.

The new and retired Batik Air Malaysia Boeing 737 Max 8 all-Economy Class with no In-Flight Entertainment System. This aircraft will be transferred over to Lion Air instead.

Poor 747s, even with the found owner, it still looks as if abandoned.

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-800 (40 Years Retro Livery) departing Gate H8, also heading for Singapore as MH619.

My plane is revealed after retracting the aerobridge for Gate H8/B8R once MH619 taxis off to the runway.

Didn’t take long after this for Malindo to announce boarding for passengers.

Hello 9M-LCP.

The interior of the new Malindo Economy Class without IFE.

Seriously, Malindo. At least get a seatback with a flushed back instead of just filling in the void and plug the holes in the bulkhead. The current form makes it look as if someone came in and stole 150 TV screens.

Even Business Class isn’t spared from this no-IFE disaster.

Here were the buttons and hinges to pop the IFE out.

My seat for this trip – 3A. With the bulkhead behind me, I could recline freely afterwards without bothering about the non-existent seat behind me.

How I wish all my flights had this amount of legroom.

Couldn’t even reach the seat in front of me after stretching out fully.

Before departure, the stewardess came around with welcome drinks of apple juice, orange juice or water. 11 out of 12 Business Class seats were filled on my flight.

My orange juice before pushback.

Oh here’s another free downgrade with no IFE – a former Firefly Boeing 737-800 now operated by Malaysia Airlines. Better hope you never ever board one of these.

Bye 73M, see you in Indonesia next time.

Bye guys, hope you find a better owner.

Just before takeoff.


The development of KLIA Aeropolis taking shape.

What a pilot would see before landing on Runway 14R.

Eww, please stop throwing sewage straight into drains or rivers.

“Having here or take away?”

Why not both?

The same chicken pizza and muffin is served on this sector. The muffin is now a sane orangey-brown colour as compared with my previous luminous green one.

Also on this flight, beer was available, though I had to request it after overhearing another passenger in front ordering one. Seems like when Malindo informs you on what drink is available to order with your meal, they leave out the alcohol unless you specifically request for it.

Glad I’m flying above this on a Sunday evening.

So near yet so far.

Back in Malaysia for the approach to Changi.

Flying over the now-massive Pulau Tekong.

… and touch down!

Oh look, the KLM Orange Pride is back in Singapore, possibly heading onwards to Bali.

Oh man, literally the furthest gate of Terminal 3.

The Batik Air Airbus A320 at the adjacent gate.

And because I’m parked pretty far, it’s a Skytrain ride to the Arrival Hall.

And because of Changi’s efficiency combined with my Business Class priority tag, I had to actually wait longer for my bag as it already bypassed the start of the belt while I was clearing immigration (and possibly a couple of times factoring in the waiting time for the train), and I wasn’t going to run round to the other side of the belt with the risk of by bag entering back to the staff area.

So ironically, those without the priority tag got their bags first while I had to wait for the belt to spin another round. Truly first world problems. No complains at all though.


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