Lounge Review – KLIA Premier Access Lounge: A Simple Lounge in the Public Area

The Malindo meal voucher allows for entry to various dining options (RM30 credit) and two lounges in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Since I’ve already tried the Sama-Sama Express Lounge, I decided to give the KLIA Premier Access Lounge on the landside a shot this time.

The KLIA Premier Access Lounge is located just before departure immigration, since its intended purpose was to provide a lounge area for passengers who purchase the fast-track immigration service. However, since I’m a Business Class passenger, this is already provided for and the sole purpose of this visit was to rest and to sample the refreshments.

Since this is meant to be just a passing-through lounge instead of for longer transits, the offerings here are limited to simple finger food, salads, plain porridge and fried bee hoon. Not the most inspiring food in a lounge.

A plus point as compared to the Sama-Sama Express Lounge is that there are canned drinks of Coke, Sprite and Root Beer. Beer is chargeable for Malindo passengers at RM22 a can though.

The lounging area of the KLIA Premier Access Lounge.

If there’s a complain which may be serious enough to address, it would be that there are no toilets in the lounge. If you wish to use the toilet, you have to exit the lounge and walk to the public toilets a few meters away. For something touted as “premier access”, this doesn’t feel very “premier”.

And because I was bored already with the limited food offerings and I needed the toilet anyway, I decided to leave the lounge early and visit the viewing gallery for a while instead.

Not much planes to spot, just this.

Would I come back to the KLIA Premier Access Lounge?

Probably only if I’m in a desperate need of fast-track immigration, which means that I wouldn’t have time to enjoy the lounge facilities anyway. If given a choice between the KLIA Premier Access Lounge and the Sama-Sama Express Lounge, I would pick the Sama-Sama Express Lounge.

But of course, if there are opportunities to visit any airline lounges or the Plaza Premium Lounge, those would easily exceed the quality of either lounge mentioned here.


  1. This is the worst business class lounge I have ever been in the food is poor quality and limited choice not enough seats and all very noisy. Not enough electrical sockets either to connect to. I would give it zero stars . Whoops all the lights have just gone off again for the third time. Really poor for an international business lounge. Bob Mck

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