Sapporo “Morris Car” Mini Cable Car from Sancho Station (Mount Moiwa Observation Deck) to Chufuku Station by Funicular Railway

Sapporo “Morris Car” Mini Cable Car from Sancho Station to Chufuku Station

Following my afternoon visit to Mount Moiwa Summit Observation Deck, I headed back down at sunset to avoid the tourist crowd coming up to Mount Moiwa for the night view.

Morris Car Sancho Station (Peak Station)

Morris Car Sancho Station is located on the 1st Floor (ground floor) of Mount Moiwa Summit Observation Deck.

The timetable of the Morris Car departing from Sancho Station.

If you are a hiker and do not already have tickets, they are available at the vending machine in the queue.

The next Morris Car departure for me will be at 4pm.

There is a restriction of live streaming on the Sapporo Mount Moiwa Ropeway network to protect the privacy of customers and staff.

Heading to board the Morris Car a few minutes before departure time.

“Morris Car” Mini Cable Car

The Morris Car platform at Sancho Station (Peak Station) is on two levels. Due to to the steepness of the track, most people may not see the bottom car, and only board the top car instead, even though staff are directing people to go down.

Which means I’m getting an almost private bottom car.

Boarding the Morris Car at Sancho Station (Peak Station).

The interior of the Morris Car.

While the outlook of the Morris Car looks like a gondola lift, the track below makes it obvious that it is a funicular railway.

The Morris Car closing the doors automatically. There is no on board staff on the Morris Car.

The platform folds back, and the Morris Car releases its brakes to be free tilting.

Departing from Sancho Station.

The 2-car Morris Car changes levels according to the incline, but the passenger car remains flat.

Approaching Chufuku Station (Middle Station).

Heading through the sheltered part of the tracks.

Sapporo Mount Moiwa Ropeway & Morris Car Chufuku Station (Middle Station)

Approaching the Chufuku Station platform.

The platform mechanism of the Morris Car at Chufuku Station.

The buffer stop of the Morris Car at Chufuku Station. The Morris Car brakes at level when aligned with the platform.

The builder plate of the Morris Car manufactured by CWA Constructions.

Looking back at the Morris Car at Chufuku Station.

Heading into Chufuku Station.

The Sapporo Mount Moiwa Ropeway down to the base station departs about 12 minutes later, which means there is some time to visit the souvenir shop here.

The queue for the Sapporo Mount Moiwa Ropeway down to Sanroku Station is beside the souvenir shop.

The façade of Chufuku Station (Middle Station).

After a short walk around Chufuku Station (Middle Station), it’s time to queue for the Sapporo Mount Moiwa Ropeway back down to Sanroku Station.

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