MRT Jakarta from Lebak Bulus Grab to Bundaran HI by Ratangga Train

After arriving at Lebak Bulus Grab with the MRT Jakarta,  I opted to head back immediately due to the big crowds in and around the station, which would prevent me from re-entering the station in case I went out to explore.

The crowded departure platform of Lebak Bulus Grab.

Ratanggas at Lebak Bulus Grab will proceed to the turnback siding after arrival, before coming back to the departure platform.

The MRTJ 1000 Series “Ratangga” train will cross to the departure platform once ready for departure.

Passengers queue up to board the Ratangga.

As this is the starting station, the Ratangga was luckily empty to take in the large crowd at he departure platform.

The interior of the crowded Ratangga.

Departing from Lebak Bulus Grab with the view of the depot beside.

A bit too many sleeping Ratanggas during this peak period.

Heading on back to downtown Jakarta.

Making a brief stop at Fatmawati.

Seems like some finishing touches are still being made.

Turning away from the traffic jams.

Making a brief stop at Cipete Raya.

Making a brief stop at Haji Nawi.

Making a brief stop at Blok A.

Making a brief stop at Blok M.

Surprisingly, more passengers alighted here than came on board.

Looking at the familiar Blok M Square, the terminus of the TransJakarta Corridor 1.

The elevated public transport skyline near ASEAN.

Approaching ASEAN under the TransJakarta BRT viaducts.

Making a brief stop at ASEAN.

The two stations are just adjacent to one another.

Heading into the underground section.

A small gap of light helps to adjust the eyes to the brightness to and from the elevated section, as compared to tunnel lights or even just nothing at all.

Heading down to Senayan.

Making a brief stop at Senayan.

Making a brief stop at Istora Mandiri.

Making a brief stop at Bendungan Hilir.

Making a brief stop at Setiabudi Astra.

Making a brief stop at Dukuh Atas BNI.

Seems like a platform screen door had broken down at Dukuh Atas BNI.

Arriving at Bundaran HI.

Disembarking from the Ratangga at Bundaran HI.

Battling through a long line of people on both sides waiting to enter the Ratangga.

The long line of people hoping to squeeze into the crowded Ratangga.

I considered going out of the station from here, but remembered that the station was restricted for re-entry.

As such, I waited for the next Ratangga and went on my way for the day.

Overall, not really a pleasant ride on the MRT Jakarta yet. Hopefully once the fares kick in and the crowd is a bit more regulated, I could give a proper well-rounded review again.

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