MRT Jakarta from Dukuh Atas BNI to Lebak Bulus Grab by Ratangga Train

On the final day of the MRT Jakarta Trial Run, I headed to try individual station trainspotting and exploration. Pre-registration for the MRT Jakarta Trial Run ticket was still required, which I got without a hitch from Bukalapak. Already expecting that there might be heavier crowds than usual due to car-free day and it being the final day of free rides, I braced myself for the day’s experience.

Heading through the fare gates after my ticket Bukalapak had been checked.

Seems like a hybrid of a Japanese fare gate and an Indonesian ticketing system.

There’s always stories behind a new sign I guess.

Heading down to the platform to catch the train for Lebak Bulus Grab.

It was a luckily-short 2-minute wait for the train at the platform. As there are no train arrival information anywhere else in the station, you would only know about the arrival time of the train once you get down to the platform. There would be no way to tell if you are currently outside the station and need to decide whether to run to the platform or take a leisurely stroll.

The route map of the train for Lebak Bulus Grab.

Passengers have learnt to queue up fast.

Signs and announcements are made when the train is arriving at the platform.

Inside the crowded Ratangga.

This Ratangga was fitted with Telkomsel full interior ads, but it seems that the ad was approved before the actual station names were finalized at the last minute.

Yup, I would prefer calling it Sisingamangaraja (for the adjacent street name) over ASEAN (for the adjacent ASEAN Secretariat building) actually.

The train started to get really crowded at Senayan.

The section from Senayan to ASEAN would be the most interesting section for locals as it is where most of them first experience an underground railway transitioning to an elevated railway.

Enjoy the ride from Seyanan to ASEAN:

Everyone was wowed by the train ascending up to the elevated tracks.

Disembarking at Lebak Bulus Grab. There seems to be less people than the day before.

The train goes off service to head to the turnback siding after arriving at Lebak Bulus Grab.

Heading down to the concourse to head to the opposite platform for a short trainspotting session.

Overall, the experience was almost the same as the previous day with heavy crowds and with MRT Jakarta not using enough Ratanggas to cater to the actual crowd. Hopefully, this will be better managed once commercial operations and fares are in place.

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