Odyssey Prestige Coaches from eCurve to Balestier Plaza by Bus

Odyssey Prestige Coaches no longer operates the Singapore route.

Odyssey eCurve Balestier 05

With the recent move of the departure location in Damansara from Mont Kiara to eCurve and the opening of the MRT Sungai Buloh – Kajang Line, Odyssey Prestige Coaches now has a more accessible departure point by public transport from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.

Odyssey eCurve Balestier 00

While I purchased my ticket online through Easybook, the ticket counter is located at the bus departure point itself, so it was just a convenient check of my Easybook ticket printout and I proceeded to board the bus.

Odyssey eCurve Balestier 01

The bus awaiting departure at the driveway just beside the ticket kiosk.

My last ride with Odyssey was when they still operated from Avenue K just opposite KLCC and arrived at Copthorne Orchid Hotel Singapore, offering a cozy departure lounge prior to departure and on board meals and drinks. While none of these frills are available anymore aside from the AVOD system, WiFi and charging points, the fare has dropped too, which is a fair exchange.

Odyssey eCurve Balestier 02

The interior of the new Odyssey coach, with leather APM seats.

Odyssey eCurve Balestier 03

My seat was at 9A, which is the last single seat on the bus offering limited recline due to the bulkhead behind. Since the bus departed half full, I moved myself to 8A upon departure.

Odyssey eCurve Balestier 04

Since Odyssey is positioned as a “business class coach”, with the “downgrade” to APM seats, at least they have retained the leather material as opposed to the PVC or cloth material on board the usual local intercity buses, and they have managed to integrate the personal entertainment screens in the seatback.

I didn’t take any photos of the AVOD system as it was rather dark for my camera by the time the bus departed at 7pm on the dot, but I can say that it is one of, if not the most updated and extensive AVOD systems based on the latest movies, music and TV shows among all bus operators plying the Singapore – KL route.

The seat is also comfortable enough to sleep in as I did from Kampung Bemban Rest Stop in Melaka all the way to Tanjung Kupang immigration complex, only to be woken up when the driver switched on all the lights in the bus. I can’t usually sleep on buses with APM seats as they aren’t the most comfortable seats on buses.

Fare from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur:
S$40 when purchased in Singapore or RM90 when purchased in Kuala Lumpur

Fare from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore:
S$35 when purchased in Singapore or RM55 when purchased in Kuala Lumpur

Book your ticket online through Easybook or at the counters at the departure points. There is no additional markup when you book your ticket online through Easybook.

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