Lounge Review – Reopened Changi Lounge: Cheap S$12 Airport Lounge Promotion + Further Changi Rewards Discount!

Changi Lounge $12 001

The Changi Lounge is a landside airport lounge located within Jewel Changi Airport for arrival, departure and transit passengers (if you clear immigration into Singapore) which seems to be directly operated by Changi Airport Group.

With the reopening of the Changi Lounge in Phase Two (Safe Transition) of post-Circuit Breaker with a hard to beat promotion of S$12 nett for 2 hours, I opted to give it a try to pretend to wait for my flight (technically I did have one though, sigh), and it would have been my first experience in the Changi Lounge too.

That being said, S$12 nett does not get you the pre-COVID airport lounge experience, but as the information on their website states, you can “enjoy coffee and drinks, comfortable seating with ample charging and power points for devices and business facilities” – which means, most notably, the lounge buffet is (obviously) out for now. But at S$12, my expectations were well managed already.

The discounted price list at the Changi Lounge is as follows:

2 hours: S$12
Extension per hour: S$4

Meeting Room
Single Room (up to 4 pax): S$60 for 1 hour
Extension per hour: S$20

Free 4-hours parking for a minimum of 4-hour lounge access or a meeting room booking.

I was ready to gladly pay the S$12 for a 2-hour lounge visit, but I didn’t expect a further discount when I showed up at the counter.

The $12 Changi Lounge promotion has ended. The new Changi Lounge promotion rates from 1 October 2020 are as follows:

Lounge Access
2h Package: S$15
4h Package: S$24
8h Package: S$44
Extension per hour: S$6

Meeting Room
Single Room (up to 5 pax): S$80 for 1 hour
Extension per hour: S$40 for single room

Extra Perks
Enjoy free flow drinks (limited time promo) and free parking* for:
Lounge access packages of minimum 4h
Meeting room bookings of minimum 2h

Changi Lounge $12 002

The entrance to the Changi Lounge. The big counter outside is currently used for Jewel redemptions.

Changi Lounge $12 003

The sign outside the Changi Lounge advertises the S$12 promotion.

Changi Lounge $12 004

Heading into the Changi Lounge, visiting the counter to make payment first.

Here, I was welcomed by the staff who asked if I had a Changi Rewards membership. After taking down my card number, I got a surprise 10% discount, making this 2-hour visit only $10.80 nett. That’s a price for a pay-per-use airport lounge that’s truly hard to beat especially in Singapore.

After making payment, the lounge staff asked what my purpose of visit was so that they could recommend the best place to sit at, to which I replied, “for fun” and “nothing to do now”.

I was being honest, please don’t judge me.

Changi Lounge $12 005

The interior of the Changi Lounge with a focus on lounging now.

Changi Lounge $12 006

I’m not sure how the pre-COVID lounge looked like, but the seats are arranged in small clusters with some being blocked out to ensure extreme social distancing of way more than a meter apart between groups.

Changi Lounge $12 007

After about 15 minutes, the lounge staff came around to take the drinks order.

Changi Lounge $12 008

For S$12, don’t expect wine or champagne, but the beverage list was way more extensive that I had expected of a basic black coffee or tea with a side of sugar and powdered creamer a la McDonald’s.

Changi Lounge $12 009

The drinks came with plenty of snacks which I did not expect to be so much, though notably this was a serving for 2 persons.

Changi Lounge $12 010

The usual packaged snacks included 2 packs of Lay’s potato chips and 3 Loacker Minis.

Changi Lounge $12 011Changi Lounge $12 027

There was also a sponge cake from Tong Heng Bakery. Egg tarts might have been nice too though.

Changi Lounge $12 012

The Sprite was served chilled with a glass to pour the drink into.

Changi Lounge $12 013

The hot latte was served nicely in a latte glass. Honestly, for S$12, I was expecting all hot drinks to be in a standard coffee cup just like how Saizeriya does it for their drinks bar.

Changi Lounge $12 014

After some guests were done with their stay and the lounge was empty, I took a walk around to see what other facilities there are.

Changi Lounge $12 015

The buffet line is empty for now.

Changi Lounge $12 016

The communal dining table has seats marked out for social distancing, with other smaller clusters available.

Changi Lounge $12 017

The bar is closed too, but I think I see where my latte came from.

Changi Lounge $12 020

The meeting room is part of the Changi Lounge too.

Changi Lounge $12 018

The view of the two rooms opened up.

Changi Lounge $12 019

1 room would be half the size with the partition pulled through.

Changi Lounge $12 021

Contrary to other news sites writing about the lounge visit, no, you cannot visit the Nap Room, and is obviously not included in your S$12. In fact, it would have costed extra anyway during pre-COVID times, just like those in The Haven by JetQuay and Ambassador Transit Hotel in Terminal 3.

The Nap Room service is now, however, not available till further notice.

Changi Lounge $12 022

More sofas blocked out for social distancing.

Changi Lounge $12 023Changi Lounge $12 024

There is a working corner for 4 behind the meeting rooms, useful if you would need to type away on a laptop.

Changi Lounge $12 025

Universal and USB power sockets are available too, though it says it’s for phone use only. I didn’t have a laptop to try if the socket would provide sufficient power for it.

Changi Lounge $12 028Changi Lounge $12 029

The view of the lounge while seated comfortably in my cluster.

Changi Lounge $12 030

Once I was ready to leave the Changi Lounge at the end of my 2 hour stay, the lounge staff gave me a further Complimentary 1 hour Extension voucher for my next visit – which means my next $10.80 nett spent at the Changi Lounge would be for 3 hours instead.

Changi Lounge $12 031

If there was going to be a pet peeve about Changi Lounge, it would be that there’s actually no toilet in it. The door beside the dining area leads out to the public toilet beside Paris Baguette…

Changi Lounge $12 033

… which was closed anyway due to the reduction in the number of toilets in Jewel during the COVID period.

Changi Lounge $12 032

I would think that in normal times, you would get a code to key in back into the Changi Lounge after your visit to the public toilet.

In COVID times ie. now, the nearest toilet is behind Rich & Good Cake Shop, which isn’t very convenient at all.

But overall, for S$10.80, Changi Lounge offered way more frills than expected from their promotional photos of just a seat, black coffee and a long saucer of nibbles.

I should also add that the Changi Lounge staff took the effort to ask for names of everyone in the lounge and addressed us by name throughout the stay, which was amazing, considering that I paid S$10.80 per person and not S$38. Heck, even if it was S$38, I wouldn’t expect the staff to address me by name, let alone remember it. I barely had any contact with lounge staff anywhere in the world.

(Looking closer at the staff’s name tag, it said “Terminal Manager” though. Hmm, what happened. But I guess they made sure that guests truly Enjoy Changi.)

I’ll definitely be back at the Changi Lounge to work or write one day with this great re-opening promotion, perhaps trying out their non-advertised Bento package too if I were to visit during a meal time. And Changi Lounge is definitely now on my list to try out before one of my next flights out of Changi Airport Terminal 1 once everyone can fly again to try out the full works of what they offer in the regular lounge.

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