Shuttle Tebrau 86up from Woodlands CIQ to JB Sentral by Train

86up Shuttle Tebrau Train from Woodlands CIQ to JB Sentral by Train

1 July 2022 was the 11th anniversary of the closure of the KTM Singapore Sector. For this year, I was back on public transport and with international borders open, train rides to Malaysia have also resumed. As such, I decided that my annual visit this year should include at least 1 train ride. I started on 30 June 2022 on the Shuttle Tebrau 86up from Woodlands CIQ to JB Sentral to return to Singapore the next morning, and with an overnight train joyride option, I started this year’s visit to the KTM Singapore Sector from Gemas instead.

Woodlands Train Checkpoint (Woodlands CIQ)

Having bought my ticket already, I headed straight for passport checking, immigration, and customs at Woodlands Train Checkpoint (Woodlands CIQ), thereafter boarding my Shuttle Tebrau 86up train.

No photos or videos are allowed to be taken inside Woodlands Train Checkpoint (Woodlands CIQ).

My Shuttle Tebrau 86up departed from Woodlands Train Checkpoint (Woodlands CIQ) on time at 5.30pm.

Passing by the evening jam into Singapore.

Crossing the Singapore-Malaysia border.

Seems like the jam into JB by bus isn’t so bad at 5.30pm yet, but it’s fine, I got my train ride.

Entering the main line of JB Sentral.

Johor Bahru Sentral Railway Station (JB Sentral)

Entering JB Sentral Platform 4.

My Shuttle Tebrau 86up arrived at JB Sentral on time at 5.35pm. 25 Class 25103 Pulau Bidong led my Shuttle Tebrau 86up on the northern end.

My rake consisted of 4 ASC (ICF-Padu Sedia). Half of the seats are facing the direction of travel and the other half in reverse in a 2+2 configuration.

The western-style sitting toilet on board the ASC (ICF-Padu Sedia).

The ASC (ICF-Padu Sedia) can be easily identified by it’s loud yellow, blue, and red livery.

Having cleared all immigration formalities for Singapore and Malaysia in Woodlands Train Checkpoint (Woodlands CIQ) already, I am immediately in Malaysia after heading up the escalators from the platform.


Overall, a good, efficient trip by during the fringe of the weekday peak hour. Next, off for dinner before catching Ekspres Rakyat Timuran 26up to Gemas.


  1. I know that keeping copies of tickets is recommended but are passports all that are required at the entry points at JB & Woodlands ?

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