Woodlands Train Checkpoint (Woodlands CIQ)

Woodlands Train Checkpoint, or Woodlands CIQ, is Singapore’s only railway station and functions as an immigration checkpoint. It is located adjacent to Woodlands Checkpoint and along the main Woodlands Centre Road. It is not to be confused with Woodlands Railway Station of the Singapore-Kranji Railway and the Singapore Government Railway.

Woodlands Train Checkpoint first opened on 1 August 1998 as the immigration and customs facility for railway passengers as an intermediate immigration and customs stop between Johor Bahru and Tanjung Pagar. Northbound passengers cleared Malaysia immigration and customs at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, before boarding the train to Woodlands Train Checkpoint to clear Singapore immigration and customs. Southbound passengers cleared Malaysia immigration and customs at Johor Bahru Railway Station (or Johor Bahru Sentral Railway Station (JB Sentral) from 21 October 2010 till 30 June 2011), before boarding the train to Woodlands Train Checkpoint to clear Singapore immigration. Due to this unique immigration situation, passengers could only alight at Woodlands Train Checkpoint upon arrival from Malaysia as they have fulfilled all immigration and customs requirements. Passengers’ passports were also not stamped at Malaysia immigration on the northbound journey as this would be conflicting with the passengers’ status as entering Malaysia before exiting Singapore.

Since 1 July 2011, in accordance with the Malaysia–Singapore Points of Agreement Supplement 2010, Woodlands Train Checkpoint has become the southern terminus of the KTM railway following the closure of the rest of the railway line in Singapore, including Tanjung Pagar and Bukit Timah Railway Stations. Northbound passengers now clear Singapore and Malaysia immigration and customs at Woodlands Train Checkpoint in a single walkthrough process before boarding the train to Malaysia, while southbound passengers continue to clear Malaysia immigration and customs at Johor Bahru Sentral Railway Station (JB Sentral), and Singapore immigration and customs at Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

In future, once the RTS Link is completed and KTM Berhad ceases Singapore services, the land will be used for expanding Woodlands Checkpoint along with the former Woodlands Checkpoint and empty plots of land at the former Woodlands town centre.

Woodlands Train Checkpoint Details

Address: 11 Woodlands Crossing, Singapore 738103
Owner: Immigration and Checkpoints Authority
Operator: Immigration and Checkpoints Authority
Platform Level: Ground
Platform Layout: Single Side Platform
Opened: 1 August 1998

Train Schedule

Woodlands Train Checkpoint is only served by the Shuttle Tebrau to and from JB Sentral. Below is the Shuttle Tebrau train schedule.

TRAINS1M2 Shuttle Tebrau 03

Please click here to find out about the KTM Shuttle Tebrau cross-border train service.

Station Layout

2F: Boarding Queue
1F: Bus Stop, Taxi Stand, Pick Up Point, Ticket Counter, Immigration, Customs, Waiting Room, Train Platforms


Platform: Passenger platform


Ticket counters are available. Tickets for Shuttle Tebrau, KTM Intercity and ETS trains can be purchased at the Singapore Dollar equivalent of the fare number eg. if a ticket costs RM5, it will be charged at S$5. This is in accordance with the cross-border bus and train fare arrangement at the end of the Interchangeability Agreement on 8 May 1973 where passengers pay in Malaysian Ringgit or Singapore Dollars depending on the country of departure. A first class lounge is also available beside the ticket counter, however, this has never been used by first class passengers since it was constructed.

Boarding is conducted on the linkbridge leading to the immigration and customs area, and the Woodlands Checkpoint for other land vehicles.

Key Station Amenities

Vending Machines

There are vending machines selling canned drinks outside the ticket counter.

Ice Cream Uncle

During peak periods, there may be an ice cream uncle selling local ice cream along the shelter linking the bus stop and Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

Restricted Toilet Availability

Toilets are NOT AVAILABLE anywhere in the public area before immigration. They are only available after Malaysia immigration before boarding the train, and after Singapore customs after alighting from the train. (The toilet between Singapore immigration and Malaysia immigration on the departure path is now closed to the public.)


Woodlands Checkpoint Exit: Pedestrian-only towards Woodlands Checkpoint to connect with arriving buses from Malaysia. NOTE: Alighting from a bus at Woodlands Checkpoint from anywhere in Singapore to go to Woodlands Train Checkpoint is not allowed.

Woodlands Centre Road Exit: Woodlands Centre Road, Bus Stop

Public Transport Connections


Woodlands Train Checkpoint Bus Access Map effective 31 January 2020

Woodlands Train Checkpoint is connected by public buses to many near MRT stations.

Please click here to find out about Woodlands Train Checkpoint public bus routes.


Taxi stands are located just at the Woodlands Centre Road station exit. All fares are strictly metered. Do not attempt to bargain with the taxi driver. Do not attempt also to flag down a taxi at the bus stop.

Do note that regular taxis at Woodlands Train Checkpoint CANNOT be used to cross into Malaysia. You must take a licensed cross-border taxi from the cross-border taxi stand at Ban San Street in Bugis instead.


Grab is available in Singapore.

The Grab pick-up and drop-off point is the same as the taxi stand, at the portion without the queue bars. Do not attempt to board or alight from your Grab at the bus stop.

Alternative Train Travel Options

During peak periods, you may be unable to secure a Shuttle Tebrau ticket as they sell out 2 minutes after opening for purchase 30 days before departure at 8.30am. There are many local public bus services linking Woodlands Checkpoint and JB Sentral.

Woodlands CIQ & JB Sentral Bus Access Map effective 31 January 2020

Please click here to find out about Woodlands Checkpoint – JB Sentral public bus routes.

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