SkyPark Link 2802up: Terminal SkyPark (Subang Airport/SkyPark Terminal/LTSAAS) to KL Sentral by Train

The SkyPark Link is Malaysia’s second airport rail link, providing an express service between Subang SkyPark and KL Sentral through the new Terminal SkyPark station. This new limited-stop service takes the new branch line from Terminal SkyPark, making only one stop at Subang Jaya, before continuing on non-stop to KL Sentral.

Upon arriving from your flight, the Terminal SkyPark station is in sight. However, to cross the road, you need to take the overhead bridge. Turn right at this point.

Do note that there are currently no signs whatsoever within Subang SkyPark to lead you to Terminal SkyPark, or to let you know that the SkyPark Link train service even exists.

Continue straight.

KTM also does not have an information desk at the Transport Facility Counter in Subang SkyPark.

Find the escalator on the right after the Transport Facility Counter.

Head up the escalator.

Turn right and continue straight.

Cross the bridge over the Subang SkyPark departure hall.

Exit the terminal building through this overhead bridge.

Use the ramp if you have luggage for easier access.

Cross the bridge over Jalan Lapangan Terbang Subang.

At the end of the bridge, you will have an option of using the lift or taking the stairs.

I opted for the stairs.

The linkway to Terminal SkyPark station as seen from the bridge.

You could walk the 300 meters to the station if you really wanted to…

… but I decided to cut through the car park to test the difference.

The trick is to keep walking towards the station entrance and not follow every pavement along the way.

Not the smoothest walk to an airport rail link but a lot faster than the official route nonetheless.

The facade of Terminal SkyPark station as seen from the car park shortcut.

Find a smooth slope to get up to the pavement.

The walk from the stairs of the overhead bridge to the station entrance took just 2 minutes – 3 times faster than the 6-minute walk via the official walkway which I took on my inbound trip.

The entrance to Terminal SkyPark station.

Remember to check the train departure times on KTM’s website first as trains do not depart from Terminal SkyPark at regular intervals.

Ticket vending machines at Terminal SkyPark are currently not in use due to fares not being charged yet.

Collect your FREE token to get on the SkyPark Link.

Tickets are FREE of charge from 1 May 2018 to 30 June 2018.

Once the actual fares are introduced, KTM may charge the following with a 50% discount for OKUs, Senior Citizens, Children between 2-6 years old and Students:

  • KL Sentral – Terminal SkyPark: RM15
  • KL Sentral – Subang Jaya: RM10
  • Subang Jaya – Terminal SkyPark: RM5

Source: MOT Facebook

My token to get on the SkyPark Link to KL Sentral.

Enter the fare gates as usual.

Tap the token on the reader to enter.

Seats are available at the concourse after the fare gates, but I don’t think it will ever be used.


Head up the escalator to the platform. Do look out for your platform number on the information screens first before heading up as trains can depart from Platform 1 or 2.

My SkyPark Link train was departing from Platform 1.

If you miss the 8.10am train, you should catch RapidKL Service T773 to Ara Damansara LRT Station instead of waiting for the next train in 1 hour and 45 minutes time.

EMU 29 operated as SkyPark Link 2802up from Terminal SkyPark to KL Sentral on my trip.

The entranc to the Priority Zone is demarcated on the platform.

However, EMU 29 does not have luggage racks installed.

EMU 29 also does not have the SkyPark Link decals above the seats, on the windows and at the ends of the coach.

However, the smaller decals are all in place.

Departing from Terminal SkyPark station on time.

Crossing over to the Up Line.

And because this set does not have window stickers, it makes for better scenery photos.

Terminal SkyPark station as seen from the railway line.

The bulk of the line from Terminal SkyPark to the junction of the original Subang Airport Railway Station is on curved tracks.

Cossing over Jalan Lapangan Terbang Subang.

Meeting the old alignment at the bridge over Sungai Damansara. This bridge and the line from here to the former Subang Airport Railway Station is no longer in use.

Crossing over the New Klang Valley Expressway.

Merging back with the main line before Subang Jaya.

Approaching Subang Jaya.

EMU 25 parked on the main line at Subang Jaya, probably as a standby set.

The train arrived at Subang Jaya on time.

A 92 Class SCS on a regular service to Pelabuhan Klang pulling in.

The train departed from Subang Jaya 1 minute late.

Passing by Subang Ria Recreational Park.

Passing through Setia Jaya station at speed.

Surprisingly, this is not a stop of the SkyPark Link despite it being an interchange with the BRT Sunway Line.

Continuing on to KL Sentral running parallel to Federal Highway.

The sticker-less end of the train car.

The new “prohibited stuff” sign is a little bit too abstract for my liking. I can’t figure out of the animal at the pet section is a cat or a monkey.

Also, indecent behaviour has been escalated from hugging/kissing in the 92 Class sets to simply liking someone on the 83 Class SkyPark Link sets.

Without the interior decals, it felt like just riding on another 83 Class a few years ago in the Klang Valley, except with a lot less passengers here on the SkyPark Link.

Approaching KL Eco City station.

KL Eco City station looks pretty ready to receive passengers. Hopefully this station will open soon even before the actual Eco City so that there will be an additional transfer point to the LRT Kelana Jaya Line via Abdullah Hukum LRT Station.

The line on the wye junction to Midvalley and the south has also been reinstated.

Merging with the main line at Simpang Pelabuhan Klang.

The train stopped outside KL Sentral for 4 minutes, probably waiting for signal clearance.

Heading into KL Sentral.

The train arrived at KL Sentral 5 minutes late.

This time, the train arrived at Platform 3, the correct platform at KL Sentral, unlike my initial journey to Terminal SkyPark.

Head up the escalator to exit the station, like a normal Komuter train.

Exit the paid area through the usual Komuter fare gates.

Drop the token into the slot to exit.

Overall, the SkyPark Link may be useful only if you know the schedule as ignoring the waiting time, it does get you to KL faster but should you just turn up at the station without knowing the train times, you may find yourself waiting for the next train departing in over 2 hours, and getting stuck in the jam on Federal Highway might get you into KL faster than waiting for the next train then.

The SkyPark Link is good to have with the current service level, but not a 100% reliable airport rail link yet.

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