SkyPark Link 2823dn: KL Sentral to Terminal SkyPark (Subang Airport/SkyPark Terminal/LTSAAS) by Train

The SkyPark Link is Malaysia’s second airport rail link, providing an express service between KL Sentral and Subang SkyPark through the new Terminal SkyPark station. This new limited-stop service only makes one stop at Subang Jaya, before taking the new branch line to Terminal SkyPark.

However, this time, I decided to try out the SkyPark Link service during the peak period to see if this is a feasible option to get to Subang SkyPark.

Looks like KTM Komuter’s information screens decided to give up on their services too.

SkyPark Link tokens can ONLY be collected from the ticket counter beside Gate D. Join in the queue for everyone else going to everywhere within the KTM Komuter Klang Valley Sector.

Tickets are FREE of charge from 1 May 2018 to 30 June 2018.

Once the actual fares are introduced, KTM may charge the following with a 50% discount for OKUs, Senior Citizens, Children between 2-6 years old and Students:

  • KL Sentral – Terminal SkyPark: RM15
  • KL Sentral – Subang Jaya: RM10
  • Subang Jaya – Terminal SkyPark: RM5

Source: MOT Facebook

There is supposedly a priority (I think) counter for SkyPark Link passengers, but this was closed at peak hours. Only 1 counter was in operation for all passengers to all destinations.

And no, the opposite ticket counter at Gate C cannot issue SkyPark Link tokens.

The queue to collect the SkyPark Link token took about 10 minutes. Be sure to be early for your train to collect your ticket in time.

Tapping into the KTM Komuter system.

Heading down to Platform 3.

Instead of the SkyPark Link, the ETS Gold 9204up to Padang Besar is at Platform 3 instead.

The train would only depart at 6.00pm – 10 minutes later than the scheduled arrival of the SkyPark Link 2820up at 5.50pm which will form my SkyPark Link 2823dn at 6.06pm to Terminal SkyPark. This seems like an oversight in the timetabling for the platform assignment.

The SkyPark Link 2820up arrived at 6.02pm, 12 minutes later than scheduled, after the ETS Gold 9204up departed.

EMU 30 served on this train, which is the same set that I took in the morning.

Despite the late arrival, the SkyPark Link 2823dn departed on time at 6.06pm.

Passing by the rehabilitated track outside KL Sentral.

The full window stickers are very annoying for this day time ride.

“Experience the wonders of SkyPark Link“? I’m just wondering why there are 2-hourly frequencies at certain hours of the day.

Splitting off from the main line to the Pelabuhan Klang branch at Simpang Pelabuhan Klang.

Passing by KL Eco City station.

The route map of the SkyPark Link.

The train arrived at Subang Jaya 1 minute early.

However, it also departed 1 minute early. In this situation, it’s actually a bad thing as passengers (if any) who are expecting the train to depart at 6.24pm came down to the platform at 6.23pm, they would see the train moving off from the platform rather than with the doors open for them to board. In other countries, departing even 20 seconds early would be a “tremendous nuisance”.

Heading onto the Terminal SkyPark branch.

The interior of EMU 30.

The sunset view while waiting outside Terminal SkyPark station for the signal to change.

The train arrived on time at 6.36pm, with a lot more passengers than the trip I took in the morning.

The exterior of the SkyPark Link 83 Class sets.

Drop your token into the fare gate to exit.

The linkway from Terminal SkyPark to Subang SkyPark skirts around the car park.

Not waiting to walk the long way to Subang SkyPark from Terminal SkyPark, I decided to take the shortcut through the car park instead.

It’s not the most pleasant route to walk on, but it feels like the most logical.

The unofficial but fastest route to Subang SkyPark.

However, as I wasn’t going to catch a flight, and not going back to KL Sentral, I headed to the bus stop instead.

RapidKL Bus Services T773 and 772 gets you to Ara Damansara LRT Station on the Kelana Jaya Line from here.

I waited just 5 minutes for the RapidKL 772 to get to Ara Damansara LRT Station. Perhaps the bus and LRT combination might still be the more frequent and reliable option to get to and from Subang SkyPark by public transport.

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