SkyPark Link 2805dn: KL Sentral to Terminal SkyPark (Subang Airport/SkyPark Terminal/LTSAAS) by Train

The SkyPark Link is Malaysia’s second airport rail link, providing an express service between KL Sentral and Subang SkyPark through the new Terminal SkyPark station. This new limited-stop service only makes one stop at Subang Jaya, before taking the new branch line to Terminal SkyPark.

Tickets for the SkyPark Link can be collected from the KTM Komuter ticket counter beside Gate D at KL Sentral. Tickets were free of charge from 1 May 2018 to 30 June 2018, but as of 7 July 2018, tickets are still FREE.

Once the actual fares are introduced (it is not known when), KTM may charge the following with a 50% discount for OKUs, Senior Citizens, Children between 2-6 years old and Students:

  • KL Sentral – Terminal SkyPark: RM15
  • KL Sentral – Subang Jaya: RM10
  • Subang Jaya – Terminal SkyPark: RM5

Source: MOT Facebook

This time, my train was operated by EMU25, the only full SkyPark Link-themed train set with transverse seating using salvaged seats from the 81 Class.

This train departed KL Sentral on time at 9.08am.

The Priority Zone on EMU25 has baggage racks and new 81 Class seats installed.

There is a very generous legroom for the priority seat.

The overall interior of EMU25. This train was first used on the KTM Komuter Northern Sector after being installed with the old 81 Class seats, and is now operating on the SkyPark Link with the new interior decals and external livery.

The old 81 Class seats are comfortable for journeys of any duration.

The spacious legroom on board EMU25.

Unfortunately, the stickered windows means a blur view of the scenery outside.

The overall SkyPark Link train theme.

Passing by Subang Ria Recreational Park.

The train made a brief stop at Subang Jaya.

The train arrived at Subang Jaya before time at 9.24am and departed on time at 9.26am.

Splitting off from the Pelabuhan Klang branch line to the Terminal SkyPark branch line.

Splitting of from the original Subang Airport railway alignment to the new Terminal SkyPark alignment. The original Subang Airport railway is no longer in use.

Crossing over Jalan Lapangan Terbang Subang.

Approaching Terminal SkyPark.

Now for the unsightly part of EMU25 – there are some mysterious brown spots on all of the grey seat backs. I guess it has something to do with the new seat covers.

Waiting for signal clearance to enter Terminal SkyPark station.

The train arrived at Terminal SkyPark on time at 9.38am.

The train will rest at Terminal SkyPark for 79 minutes before working on the next train to KL Sentral.

Heading out of Terminal SkyPark station.

And I finally found the ramp for a step-free access at Terminal SkyPark station with the shutters opened. This shutter was not open on my first visit, hence I couldn’t find the ramp out of the station.

The ramp is pretty wide for such a small entrance.

Wheelchair users from Terminal SkyPark can head down this ramp (if the shutter is open), make a u-turn to the sheltered zebra crossing (there is no step-free access to the road immediately after this ramp), and u-turn back again following the sheltered linkway to SkyPark Terminal.

Overall, the SkyPark Link is a commendable project but with infrequent trains and a passenger target of those flying out of SkyPark Terminal/Subang Airport/SkyPark Terminal/LTSAAS (Please decide on one distinct name, Subang SkyPark Terminal management.), the line does not look set to sustain operations as the waiting time is longer than a taxi or Grab ride to the city, something that SkyPark Terminal users are capable of choosing over easily since they can certainly afford a premium air ticket and the airport is already close to the city in the first place.

I’ve had lots of personal space for 100% of my SkyPark Link rides so far, and it’s actually my second private train journey on this service with a grand total of 1 passenger (ie. me) travelling from KL Sentral to Subang SkyPark.

KTM should STOP with the free rides promotion as even with it, there are already almost no passengers travelling on the SkyPark Link, so why not just start charging for those who are willing to get on the train? It will at least make the service recover a small bit of money as compared to the completely fare-free system now. Save this service before it gets too costly to maintain.

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