SkyPark Link 2806up: Terminal SkyPark (Subang Airport/SkyPark Terminal/LTSAAS) to KL Sentral by Train

The SkyPark Link is Malaysia’s second airport rail link, providing an express service between KL Sentral and Subang SkyPark through the new Terminal SkyPark station. This new limited-stop service only makes one stop at Subang Jaya, before taking the new branch line to Terminal SkyPark.

Collect your FREE token to get on the SkyPark Link.

Tickets are FREE of charge from 1 May 2018 to 30 June 2018.

Once the actual fares are introduced, KTM may charge the following with a 50% discount for OKUs, Senior Citizens, Children between 2-6 years old and Students:

  • KL Sentral – Terminal SkyPark: RM15
  • KL Sentral – Subang Jaya: RM10
  • Subang Jaya – Terminal SkyPark: RM5

Source: MOT Facebook

Remember to check the platform number before heading up as there are two separate side platforms and trains may depart from both platforms.

Head up to the correct platform to board the train.

EMU29 operated on my train to KL Sentral.

The interior of EMU29. EMU29 features longitudinal seating with no SkyPark Link interior decals.

The old advertising hand grips are removed on the two SkyPark Link sets with longitudinal seating, leaving just a horizontal grab pole. Be careful when grabbing onto it as the former hand grip positioning locks may be sharp.

The Priority Zone on EMU29 with the old 83 Class seats in tact and minimal information decals pasted around.

Departing from Terminal SkyPark.

Approaching the original Subang Airport alignment.

The old track bed to the former Subang Airport Railway Station can still be seen at the point where both alignments meet.

Approaching the Pelabuhan Klang branch line.

Approaching Subang Jaya.

EMU33 was resting at Subang Jaya‘s main down line, probably as a standby set for the SkyPark Link.

Passing by Subang Ria Recreational Park.

Approaching the future Eco City station.

The Eco City station looks pretty ready to accept passengers. I hope this can open as soon as possible even if it’s before the actual Eco City completion as this will open up a new connecting station with the Kelana Jaya Line at the adjacent Abdullah Hukum LRT Station.

Heading to KL Sentral with the bypass to the south splitting away.

Merging back with the main line at Simpang Pelabuhan Klang.

The train arrived at Platform 4, with lots of passengers bound for Batu Caves immediately rushing into the train. Seeing that no announcements were made that the train is not bound for Batu Caves, I decided to take it upon myself to let everyone in the middle coach know, and yes, all of them disembarked, with not a single person actually heading for Terminal SkyPark.

KTM should have made announcements at the platform prior to the arrival of this train at the wrong platform and not expect everyone to know that this train is only bound for Terminal SkyPark just because of its different livery and small destination sign.

Again, the SkyPark Link is a commendable project but the way its designed and operated gives off the feeling of having the project just because. The line uses existing infrastructure at all portions from track to train to ticket except for the new railway alignment of Terminal SkyPark branch, and while I do not support KTM’s never ending free rides as mentioned before, it’s going to be hard in the months or even years to come to build up the premium image that the SkyPark Link deserves.

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